Sonic Central 30th Anniversary Livestream

Tune in to Sonic Central, a virtual event where SEGA’s Sonic team will be joined by special guests to reveal upcoming projects, partnerships and events spanning the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and beyond.

Check out some all new announcements in the Sonic universe!

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  1. this is formulated almost identical to a nintendo direct but sonic up to the voice over I swear

  2. I don't care for all the Extra crap (the things that aren't games). You wanna know why? Because besides the comics and tv shows, SONIC IS MAINLY A VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE!!! Why the hell did they feel the need to do all this extra bare-bones crap? Seriously ,skins for a mobile racing game (Apple arcade exclusive btw. Rip android) and a indie hospital game that's in early access and a skin for TOKYO 2020 WHEN THERE'S ALREADY AN OLYMPIC GAME WHERE YOU CAN PLAY AS SONIC AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!! Then there's the collaboration for lost judgment, now we can pretend to go an arcade to play Sonic the Fighters….instead of it being a separate game…or part of the collection mentioned earlier. AND WHY THE HELL WASN'T SONIC COLORS REMASTERED EARLIER ON SWITCH?! You know the console where Nintendo is pushing their good games from a failed console onto. Wouldn't be to much of a bad idea to put one of their best selling games (from the Wii) on their as well. Not to mention instead of putting in the effort into the BS that is add-ons and skins, they could've made a remaster collection of Sonic 06, Black knight, Secret of the Rings, Unleashed. Hell I would even take a combo pack of the Dreamcast games, but no. We have to advertise our collaboration with the creators of Yakuza. BTW, why couldn't the private match feature be part of sonic team racing from the get go?? AND WHY WAS THE TRAILER FOR THE NEW GAME SO SHORT WHEN YOU HAD ALL THIS TIME TO MAKE IT?! I guess SEGA really is hanging on by a thread and a prayer because it seems their putting less and less effort into best franchises by the year.

  3. Only 4 minutes in and I have to ask if your goal is to loose money? Have you been trying to secretly bankrupt anything Sonic?

  4. Its sad that Sega gets all this hate when they have nothing but passion and patience for the community that would probably burn down their HQ if they could. But hey, that's how the internet is nowadays.

  5. For god sakes show some gameplay or anything so fans can tell you whether they like it or not don’t wait for the last minute and yes Please do no rush the games either

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