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Scarlet Nexus – New Gameplay Today

Join us in this episode of New Gameplay Today to get a sense of the various mechanics involved in Scarlet Nexus. You can choose to play as one of two protagonists, and you recruit other various characters to your party. These side characters…

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  1. I've learned to NEVER trust reviews. A lot of games that reviews said were TRASH! Are actually one of my favorite games ever. So im not gonna listen to reviews, im gonna buy this and see for myself.

  2. i wonder if this game will have ps5 upgrade, cus Nier replicant did not and i was heavily dissapointed and wished i had bought it on pc

  3. This looks like the direction Final Fantasy should have went in, graphics and battle, after ff12…………instead of the continual mess that it's been in for a while. I'm not saying that this game will be great because it's too early to tell, but they have some good ideas.

  4. Looks good but still gonna wait for release, I think we've all been let down by a lot of games this year and ones that are half assed with bugs and glitches so I'll see what others say before I purchase it on release

  5. "I'm with you Dan, mEcAhNiCs are rEaLlY iMpOrTaNt to me" Gee, you think mechanics are important? Thank you game journalist, most people don't want them in video games.

  6. it was god eater who did the same thing. idk if it was purely persona but it seems closer to god eater (2) system style then persona.
    game looks good and is smooth as heck.

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