Resident Evil Village's Ending Explained

There’s a lot to digest during the final hours of Resident Evil Village. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of all this, and explain exactly what went down, and the ripple effect it has on the rest of the series.

Resident Evil Village opens a huge can of moldy worms in its final hours that…

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  1. Also the ending really hit me hard. I lost my father this year prematurely due to covid, he protected me and my mom from it forcing us to stay away and stuff. Not like hero stuff but…

  2. Why not a Resident Evil 9 with Rosemary and Natalia fighting each other with cameos from Sherry, Jake and Moira? Will the OG RE protagonists (Chris, Jill, Claire, Leon) ever get married to anyone? What happened to Carlos, Billy, Sheva, Jessica, Raymond, Parker and most importantly, Ada?

  3. In free camera mode you can zoom in and see that the mysterious figure is actually Ethan.

    Could be just a reused model, but definitely cryptic for sjre!

  4. Ahem. If I remember correctly Chris is not part of BSAA anymore. He's connected to blue umbrella. Blue Umbrella is supposed to be a separate entity from BSAA. Kinda confused as to why the Bioweapon Security Assessment Aliance is using bioweapons now. I can understand if it is due to lack of manpower, but BSAA has always seemed anti bioweapons.

  5. I beg you to do your research on how to spell Romanian words. Hearing you say a Romanian word, with an English accent is just wrong man. It's "Ca-do-u", not "Cadew". Thank you for reading my complaint. Nice vid btw 👍

  6. chris needs to just not make any male friends. Everyone he cares for that is male either becomes evil. Or dies. Sometimes both.
    Leon: "sweats profusely"

  7. So another sherry but unlike sherry, rose has a different grasp on her powers and understandings. But at the same time I rose might be one of the best things we ever got yeah we lost ethan and now it might be mia or even rose in the next game. I wonder what is Capcom doing next

  8. I still don’t understand how Ethan being a molded even works

    Like why would Mia want to marry a molded?? It’s not even her BF or husband anymore

    Plus why would Mia be ok with getting impregnated by a molded?? That’s just weird

    Idk it feels off

  9. I’ve never even heard of the connections till now lol

    I love Res 7 but they didn’t mention the name there???

    Can we please be a spin off of Res 7 that builds way more on the tanker level in Res 7??? I want to see everything that went on with Eve and Mia’s job there!!!

  10. Can we go back to Leon and co. now? Not including remakes and boy does it feel like they're redoing the whole Jake thing of "you are a child of a bio weapon".

  11. Re9 needs to have player as rose and can use the mold poweres hinted at when she says i can show you tgings even chris doennt know i can do it would be sick

  12. 15:58 the person walking towards the car is actually Ethan if u use a zoom in mod u can see its ethan and he’s wearing the same clothes he was wearing at the very end of the game

  13. The heart was also common throughout the game. That's probably why Mother Miranda took Ethans. Now I'm wondering how much she could've gotten for it at the merchant. 500k-1m likely🙄

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