Resident Evil Village Video Review

The sequel to Resident Evil 7 leans heavily on Resident Evil 4’s brand of action, but adds its own sensibilities to the mix.

Phil Hornshaw scoured the ramshackle houses and strange environs of Resident Evil Village for about 12 hours on PlayStation 5, which included blasting off quite a few…

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  1. I agree with you so much about the movement. It's okay during exploration, but in combat it feels really lacking from not having a melee attack and the blocking function just feels unresponsive. They could have used the circle button for more than just quick turning. That could have been used for dodging, like in so many other games, but it might have been a bit grating in first person, so who knows if it would have improved the combat gameplay.

  2. Resident Evil 7 was great because it appeared Capcom was attempting to go back to the earlier days of RE in the slow and creepy zombie survival horror based genre. You know, what the whole game was originally based around, sigh.
    I’ve been keeping an eye on this game during its development and release and sadly it appears those at Capcom gave its fans just one throwback title before completely going back to the Romanian themed, castlevania styled, vampire oddities of the old world, bag faced RE4 all over again.
    RE 1, 2, and 3 were great titles and four gave us some evolution to the genre but that was when, as a teenager, it was starting to lose me. Zombie survival horror is different than flying dracula based zombie wannabes. I’m really disappointed at this push to keep making RE weird and just evolutionarily strange is what makes it not RE for some of us.
    Make a resident evil game and then come out with a dracula based sci-fi game separate from the RE series, please. Between RE 4 going strange and then RE5 and RE6 going off the deep end going to Africa and then Japan.
    They need to just make true quintessential zombie survival horrol Resident Evil titles for purists fans like myself and for all the folks who don’t care about the original story and all that, create an offshoot “RE Evolutions” storyline for them. Make an offshoot game of all the chainsaw having, face exploding, dracula looking, sci-fi wannabe, screaming running attacking “has-been zombies” and put those into a totally new game called Monster World made by Capcom.

  3. Need to stick with building dread. This shouldn't be a call of duty styled shooter. Slightly tragic departure from re7. Capcom really hit a home run with re7. Now I feel they have stepped backwards into bad habits.

  4. So, having watched this video and played a small portion of the game, I can't help but ask myself what all the people whining about spoilers are talking about. What in this video ruins the story so completely that you don't even want to play the game anymore? What did you hear in this video that made you think there's nothing new to discover while playing?

    Spoiler-phobes have a mental disorder that prevents them from enjoying things unless they are totally surprised by every detail. It's not healthy or productive to live that way. This is hardly a spoiler-rich video, and nothing I learned from watching it has diminished my gaming experience in the least. If this level of spoiler is too much for you, stay off the damn internet and just play the game. If you people had your way, there'd be no reviews or discussion of any kind until you personally got around to finishing a game, and that hardly seems fair to the millions of folks who want to discuss it.

  5. I haven't played this game but after REVII I'm done with the series. REVII was no more than a hallway shooter 3 hours into the game.

  6. I’ve been disappointed with madden so much I wasn’t expecting this shit job from Resident Evil. RE 6 is better than this crap.

  7. Just finished village. It's a masterpiece in my opinion. I've played all the res games in past few months. The story telling, combat, environment design and the overall pacing was extremely well done.

  8. First person perspectives are easier and cheaper for developers. They market it as being more immersive but I find just the opposite. Third person perspective gives you a better view of the world and your place in it, making it feel more alive.

  9. Personally, I think this game was a HUGE step backwards from RE7 – especially if you consider RE7 on the PSVR. I prefer the horror and terror vs. guns-a-blazin'. The whole game should've taken place in the Village and Castle IMO.

  10. The fact you mentioned call of duty just shows how out of touch you are with games like these. This game is by far an easy 10/10

  11. Yhey didn't concentrate too much on the graphics at the start of the game, if you go into the bathroom and look into the mirror you cannot see your own reflection!

  12. First person makes that that game doesn’t feel like Resident Evil anymore! Capcom is going wrong way with it .But re:verse is going to be a third person why not make single player the same way? That’s second game I’m not going to buy because cop.

  13. I wish that we can get a Resident Evil game more like The Elder Scrolls, with the countless hundreds-of-hours to be able to dump into it… At least a 100 plus hour Resident Evil game.

  14. What an awesome game Resident evil village is!!…So much better than Resident Evil 7 in my opinion and so atmospheric and is one of the best games I've played in nearly 40 years of gaming & i finished it just to start it again which i never do normally 🙂

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