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Resident Evil Village Review

Our Resident Evil Village Review – Resident Evil Village is an impressive package. I loved the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, but I’m excited to see Capcom push the series forward again. Village expands on Resident Evil 7:…

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  1. The shooting in the demo was so bad.
    That was the only complaint I had.
    Even thought I had a clear headshot the hit wouldn’t register and it was like the bullet went straight through them like they were a ghost. ?

  2. You already know ima be playing at midnight tomorrow, I'm staying up all night, fucking up my sleep schedule AGAIN because I just did the same with nier replicant

  3. Not a single criticism this is just objectively a paid advert for an overpriced 10 hour game that is clearly mediocre at best, Ben you are pathetic.

  4. I hope they fix the glitches of objects (like monsters) going through the environment. 2021 and still features this…

  5. This game seems super short for the asking price. 10-14 hours is what I keep seeing. Only thing that's really holding me back on buying it right off.

  6. Now if we could just get another Joe Baker DLC set in the Village, that would be dope, even if it was just a non cannon spin off shooting fest, made just for fun… That would be dope.

  7. i forgot i was even playing a resident evil game i had to look at the game box again to remind myself, it did not feel like a resident evil game whatsoever other than chris Redfield being in it,while not a horrible game,definately a game that should have been a new IP not resident evil

  8. possible spoiler-like comment
    I wanted more out of the other 3 like I got out of Lady D, like pre-fight interactions and scenes. Overall, still good.

  9. This game was a mix of RE4, RE7, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Call of Duty exo zombies, Doom. The scariest part in the dollhouse is ripped from Sherry's part in RE2 Remake with the underwhelming room that's filled with lore via notes and pictures like RE7 (lazy) Gameplay wise it's a 8/10 but story wise it's a 4. Great game, bad Resident Evil game.

  10. This game really felt like a “Greatest Hits” of not only the series, but the genre as a whole. I got hints of RE1/REmake, RE4, RE7, the RE2 remake, PT, Layers of Fear, and even Bioshock.

  11. Last acting role of Jeanette Maus who sadly passed away after an eight-month battle with colon cancer, a few months before the release of the game

    Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's face is based on a Polish actress named Helena Mankowska.

    Julian, Luiza's nervous son, is voiced by the same actor as Lucas in Resident Evil 7.

    Lady Dimitrescu stands at a whopping 9'6" (2.90 meters) tall.

    While fans speculated that this episode would have the series take a more supernatural turn, it is actually explained that the vampire women and the werewolves are victims of a virus just as the other enemies in the series were before.

    Director Morimasa Sato was inspired by the "Gothic horror" genre. For example, the Lycans were inspired by the Werewolflore, while the Dimitrescus were inspired by vampires.

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