Resident Evil Village Lore – The Lords

Resident Evil Village has fascinating villains who will attempt to rip Ethan’s face off. Dave explores what we know and the lore behind Alvina Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento and Angie, Salvatore Moreau, Karl Heisenberg, and of course, Mother Miranda. It’s time for some Resident Evil Village…

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  1. The first video I watched was the scene with Angie in Ethan’s face and the lords in the background immediately after his capture. I wasn’t infatuated with Lady D like most people but the combination of all these unique interesting characters. Plus the Lycans were a great touch.

  2. Is there any truth to the notion that Moreau is more monstrous in his transformation because Miranda actually implanted three (3) Cadou inside his body, instead of only one Cadou that his other siblings were injected with?

  3. Thank you so much for creating a comprehensive timeline for this game, it was driving me crazy how Miranda's research papers weren't properly dated! What kind of scientist doesn't date their papers?

  4. In this game we have:
    Lady Dimitrescu – romanian
    Donna Beneviento – italian
    Salvatore Moreau – french
    Herr Heisenberg – german
    But what's truly missing is a hungarian character

  5. The scariest part of the entire game was the baby monster in Donna's house. Absolutely horrifying. I missed dommy mommy so much at that point.

  6. Its said in game that each Lord is descended from a founder. But none is explicitly stated. I did a whole lot of research to figure it out but I'm on my phone so I'll summarize.

    Berengario's thing is in Claudia's grave, is called Beneviento's treasure, and is the Italian version of Berengar. Done.

    Nichola is a Dimitrescu. Nichola is a Greek name, as is Alcina. Dimitrescu can also be traced back to Greece. His treasure is also a golden angel statue and Alcina makes a similar golden statue of herself. The treasure is also called Cannibal's Plunder.

    Guglielmo is a Heisenberg. The name is both Italian and Old German. The treasure was the only one not in a chest and out in the open, and it was in the Stronghold where Heisenberg kept his Rose flask.

    Cesare is a Moreau. (Also, name is pronounced "cheh-sah-ray" not "seh-sarr-ee") Moreau may be a French name, but both Cesare and Salvatore are Italian. Cesare's treasure is actually an heirloom of Luiza's family, but that could just mean that they were related. They do have a connection through at the very least the consistency of Varcolacs with them.

    So yeah!

    Also, thought this would be of interest, since Simon left the note that he took the Luthier's house key because he was missing for a while but the luthier would "never forget her fifth birthday" and said birthday was in 2017, Donna couldn't have killed her gardener until after 2017!

  7. I don't think its Claudia in that grave, the bones look too big for a 9 year old and you'd think they'd bury their family member on their back, the person might've even been alive when they were put in the grave.

  8. I would just like to point out that Angie has the Benevento crest carved into her face. That may be what the marks are rather than ones to represent Donna. However I could easily be wtong.

  9. Cadou it's 'gift' in Romanian language. Hope now it makes much sense. Miranda's 'Cadou' was actually a gift for the people in her own mind.

  10. wait Claudia was one of the people who miranda experimented on as found in one of the journal entries in the game. Miranda must have been the reason claudia died

  11. some translations for romanian words (where the game takes place):

    cadou – gift
    urias – giant
    urias strajer – guarding giant
    varcolac – werewolf

  12. They reminded me of demon's from Berserk. They got a human form and a true form. Some looking more demonic than others in their human form.

  13. If yall pay attention closely capcom got some inspiration from universal’s monsterverse. Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters “dracula”, heisenberg and his advanced zombies “frankenstein” the werewolves in the village “wolfman”, moreau as the sea monster “creature from the black lagoon”, and finally donna was like a ghostly figure like “phantom of the opera”

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