Rarest Mass Effect Moments You Might Not Know About

Jean-Luc lists some of the rarest moments in the Mass Effect Trilogy that you might not have experienced in your playthrough.

There’s this side quest in the original Mass Effect where you must collect 16 ancient asari writings, which you do by scanning planets as well as landing on…

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  1. Virmire Survivor? You mean citadel bullet receiver? xD
    killing Ashley on the citadel in my last playthrough was soo satisfying after being mean to her on Mars xD

  2. "I don't talk about that game". Why not? Why all the hate for Andromeda? Sure, it came out a mess, but, that was fixed up.
    It doesn't have Shepard, but, so what?
    Would have been nice to have the paragon/renegade system, sure, but, its good to do new things. Games, to me, tend to be better when they aren't so black and white.
    I really enjoy Andromeda. The missions are unique, its cool to be able to find new worlds, the characters are fun, especially Peebee (although I can understand why some people would find her annoying), the Nomad is a great all-round vehicle (even better than the Mako, IMO.) Those are just some examples.

    Anyway, this was a good video. I love the Mass Effect trilogy. Of course, nothing will ever beat it. I am so glad it finally got a remaster.

  3. I could never play pure Paragon, and you'd catch me dead before I started playing more Renegade than Paragon; I always play the game with a "healthy" mix of both, though primarily Paragon (by far).

  4. Well to save mordin does not necessarly means the genocide of the krogans, if you chose the synthesis end then the genophage will be cured.

  5. I somehow got mordin to betray Wrex. He found me on the citadel and he told me they'd find mordin. I haven't seen anything about it since. Idk how I did it either.

  6. I don't know how rare it is, but it seems like not many people I've talked to know about the bits of dialog you get if you bring Liara and Javik on the mission to the Asari homeworld in ME3. Basically as you're looking at the various relics in the building at the start of the mission, Liara will explain the why they're significant to Asari mythology, and then Javik will pipe up to explain what actually happened. Like Liara talks about how the Goddess used her shield to defend the ancient Asari from a falling star, and Javik goes "Well, we'd put a lot of effort into developing you, and redirecting the asteroid wasn't THAT hard."

  7. 1:30 most players choose a side?

    i doubt that, i’ve played the trilogy a few times and i always mix and match the speech checks depending on who i’m talking to

  8. I'm really really glad I lost Wrex on Virmire, deciding not the cure the genophage was one of the most poignant moments in gaming history for me.

  9. 11:34 Actually it's pretty smart and they gave the players EXACTLY what they asked for.
    They wanted to be able to sleep with someone who doesn't want to. That's exactly what they got. Bunch of creeps.

  10. What I love about mass effect is all the little difference and details like if you bring certain members to certain cutscenes or quests like bringing Javik to Thessia on ME3, he has unique and funny dialogue that confuses Liara when you get to the Artifact building.

  11. On my first runs I had Wreav only because I was playing on ps3 and neither ME1 nor Genesis were available yet. Same went for the dead Rachni queen, dead council and Udina as chancellor. For some reasons the "canon" choices were the worst 😅

  12. In my last playthrough I met the conditions for the salarian counciler to die, to then see the dead councilor alive and well at Thanes memorial in the citadel dlc.

  13. Having played again, I find that the genophage really isn't so black and white. It's not genocide. If the Krogan die off, they're really just doing it to themselves. If the Salarians hadn't uplifted them, they'd probably still be centuries, if not millennia away from space flight.

  14. I know this is one of those hind sight things. But actually could have been cool if Lang was a squad mate in ME2. Replace him with Jacob and give him a background we actually care about. It would have made him so much better as an enemy in 3. Even if he dies in the Collector base attack, Cerberus would have recovered his body and brought him back with a lot more Reaper tech. Thus he would be a much harder boss fight.

  15. The first mention is something that made me howl in 3 when it comes up in the Conrad questline, because of course it comes up there.

  16. It always made me mad how they never fixed conrad and he always acted as if u had punched him in the first game.. yet they had the time to reference a minor quest detail from the first game and include in his quest in me3?

  17. It would be nice if mass effect or future decision based games actually had consequences to decisions. In mass effect, theres almost never a downside or sacrifice with doing the right thing and going paragon. It would be really cool to see a game actually punish you for making morally correct choices and what not. It was also really difficult in mass effect for anyone on your squad to die unless it was hard scripted. Like theres no sense of danger when you keep almost everyone alive throughout the series

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