Psychonauts is still amazing 16 years later

16 years later and Psychonauts remains a quintessential classic that is still absolutely worth your time, especially now that it’s on Game Pass.

2005 was an eclectic and exciting year for games, with influential titles like God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Splinter Cell, Resident Evil 4, and…

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  1. Who would want to play pschonauts in the first place you'd have to be a bored kid to play sht like that in the fist place this game is $h"t man don't waste your time on this reviewer twisting this games value it's shit

  2. I find it funny we get a sequel at a time where I finish my psychonaut journey only to find out the end is the beginning, and now I even have the chance to play the first, and the disclosure is astounding, I definitely would not have gotten the message as a 9 year old child.

  3. This game is 99 cents on Xbox right now, just got it. Even tho 2 comes out in like 2 days I'm still going to play and pass this one first

  4. I just finished it today, so I have no nostalgia goggles (no pun intended). It's a very VERY well made game. My only gripe is, like most games of that era, they give you all these collectables to find, but don't give you a chance to find them after the credits, limiting it's replay value.

  5. god now that the sequel is out i have got to play it. i never got to since i grew up in a household where "girls play with dolls, not video games" so unfortunately i only consumed it from watching my brother play, but now that i'm older i wanna play it for myself since i'm nostalgic for it.

  6. Oh wow, i didnt know it was same ppl as grim fandango. But during my playthrough of psychonauts 1 the other day I did notice the cutscenes animations were very similar to the ones in grim fandango. Curious if there's a name for those kinds of cutscenes if anyone knows.

  7. Oddly enough, my main problem with the original psychonauts are not the controllers (I liked those controllers, they refined them in the sequel, but in the first game I think they were almost on point), but some places where it's hard to know what to do and I end roaming around (in the Milkman's Conspiracy I did some of the stuff in a different order than expected and the Ford Cruller's tips messed up).

  8. I wanted to play through this before I played 2. I quit tonight. Genuinely one of the worst games I’ve ever played. I made it to the milkman level. It was the last straw. So poorly designed. I couldn’t take any more. Now I don’t know if I’ll bother with 2

  9. I always thought Psychonauts is severely underrated. Thanks for giving me some hype so I can play it again 🙂 going with my copy on the original Xbox with component cables running at 480p

  10. I got this game through a Humble Bundle, and never really gave it any attention at all. Didn’t play it, didn’t even download it. Then I start hearing about it all over the place, especially since the sequel recently being released. I saw Charlie praise this game, I seen others praise this game and it being a part of their childhood. After a while of hearing about it, I figured ‘Why not? I’ll give it a shot.’
    I’m currently on the Milkman Conspiracy level right now and I absolutely ADORE this game. It is well worth your time, even if I haven’t really gotten that far into it. I know the rest of the game will be a treat. If you are currently reading this right now and are on the fence or something, get the game and support these developers. I can’t wait to beat it, and nab a copy of Psychonauts 2.
    Honestly the ‘clunky’ parts of this game don’t bother me a bunch. The combat is a little janky and so is platforming from here to there, but with what they did I think it, in a way, gives it its own charm among how the rest of the game is. It is really something to experience.

  11. i played this game first time in my channel im almost in the end of the game i have to say they dont make games like this anymore im just doing walks and enjoying the world

  12. I loved the style, the atmosphere, the heart, and the characters. However, I found a some of the puzzles unclear and the plat forming very awkward. Maybe I’m just bad at it but for a lot of the game I was very frustrated and wondered why I was even playing. That being said I finished it and found it memorable and satisfying.

  13. I got Psychonauts circa 2016-2017 for free on Steam, I thought it was just one of those no-name indie games you get for free and never play.

    However, the unique art style got me, and after trying it I fell in love with it. The controls feel natural on PC version. Other than that, everything is as you said – brilliant.

    Will definitely buy the sequel.

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