Mass Effect – Legendary vs Original Graphics Comparison | Characters, Eden Prime, Citadel

Enjoy this comparison of the Mass Effect remaster to the 2007 original game.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings a whole lot of improvements to the original Mass Effect, especially in the graphics department. Nearly 14 years have passed since the game’s release on the Xbox 360, and that means…

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  1. I just played ME 1 on an Xbox like a year ago. So both of these look WAY better than that.
    I figured I’d wait to play 2&3 remastered on my pc. Anyone agree or have any advice to the contrary?

  2. I still don't think it looks as impressive as everyone is saying. 😂 I was expecting amazing things and it just has better textures, brighter lighting and the same old terrible mouth movements.
    Not the huge step up the hype hoped for.

  3. The textures are no doubt improved massively, but I honestly prefer the lighting and less bloom of the originals in most cases.

  4. The only complaint is how some of the characters hair colors changed. Like Kelly became a permanent blond instead of a red head in 3 and Jack's blond hair instead of her brunette color.

  5. The lighting/self shadows on the characters faces looks so much better in the original. In the new version it's like every character has a spotlight shining directly on them.

  6. Anderson has more fancier eyelashes than Ashely herself in the first Mass Effect

    Other than that i think everything looks alright, EA already made a patch for Shepard's weird eyes in some scenes

  7. Ok, why in the world did they make all the human faces look terrible in the new version. It's like they were so focused on adding more texture that they forgot what a human face is supposed to look like. Expressions are worse and general face shapes look wonky.

  8. I get the lighting is better in some spots, but the remaster blows the original out of the water. Dynamic lighting, sharper textures, better framerates, smoother animation, and now the worlds aren't cartonnishly colored. They darker lighting the original was clearly used to hide the poor texture work.

  9. Killing with mako now gives full xp, max lvl 30, tou it gives double the learning points, adrenaling rush now restores all skills unlike in original slows time down, skills and abbilities now have way less duration time. Guns sound way different (worse). Mako controls are awfull(but can be changed in options). So far original way better!!!
    Not a grafics junky here.

  10. Other than some of the high quality textures, the original looks better and has way more visual character.
    The current devs at bioware butchered a classic.
    They clearly don't have the skill to design a competent game, and andromeda and anthem clearly showed that.
    So what did they do here?
    A few gameplay tweaks. Camera adjustments to appease their own fragile "modern day" sensibilities. Stripped the original lighting which was an artistic choice and NOT a limitation of the time. Stretched a few upscaled textures over the same low poly characters. And slapped a ton lens flares on everything.
    Good job. I'd expect nothing more from current bioware.

  11. Is there a mod to restore the original lighting but keep the QOL improvements yet?
    I get that the new lights look 'pretty', but they totally miss the design logic entirely.

  12. Is it me, or it looks just like someone slapped ENB and High resolution textures on top of Mass Effect?
    I have original ME with shit ton of mods on top of it and it looks EXACT THE SAME. xD
    (not counting ME1 HUD)

  13. there are A LOT of things I like more in the original version… it's like the shadows are completely gone in the legendary edition, and the unique ambience is lost.. especially faces, they look just flat.

  14. I think they went a bit too far with the lighting at times. It feels like the style of the original games are kinda lost. The red fog on Eden Prime actually looked cool but it's toned down too much in the Legendary edition.

  15. I feel like most remasters increase the graphical fidelity but lose part of the original art style, color grading and lighting.

  16. I only got this cause I heard the elevator rides were shorter in the original Mass Effect. I loved the original series and I'm glad to be playing through it again.

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