Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review

Parts of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition show their age, but this remaster is largely an improvement over BioWare’s original trilogy.

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  1. review the game, but dont judge the story on your social views so called " modern views" as though it is the one and only correct view. it makes you sound like you are speaking for everyone. keep in mind that everytime you push this, the orginal storyline will have to change, today it changed one way, tomorrow it ll change another. soon you have a very different story than that was orginally written. this isnt good, its better to tell the story as is and let the viewer/reader decides what is morally right or wrong instead of changing it fit someone scope of right, or what is right for the time period. people arnt stupid, they can view a story and judge for themselves. if i am just talking bs then look at the video rating, then look at the comments.

  2. Remember, this site gave Deathloop a 10/10 LOL a decent game but nowhere near a 9 or 10. Remember the Jeff incident? how much did you get paid for Deathloop's 10 GS?

  3. Blah, Blah, Blah! This game is a useless PoS! Just more of the same from a breed of programmers that couldn't write their name, much less a game.I'm getting my money back.

  4. Terrible review. This is a remaster — not a new game. They can’t just rewrite and add new story elements and gameplay features and seamlessly implement them like the reviewers seems to expect. Horrible review.

  5. I just finished this trilogy last night. I don’t have the nostalgia aspect as most of the people in the comments, I only know this game in 2022. But even I feel this review is totally off.

  6. Each to their own but this guy his whining about the gameplay of a remaster of a trilogy of games that are over 10 years old. These games aren’t remakes- hence the phrase “remaster”, so it’s still going to have pretty much the same gameplay that the originals had. It’s not particularly fair to judge the gameplay against brand new titles, instead it should be judged solely against the original ME games.
    I’ve started playing Legendary Edition for the first time recently, having never played the originals and although the first Mass Effect shows it’s age in some respects, the graphics and quality are extremely impressive. I’m loving it so far.

  7. problematic content? tf do you mean problematic content?! This is what made the original games so intriguing and kept you fully immersed in the story. Hate to break it to ya there ten-ply, but these "problematic themes" they bring up are so mind bogglingly miniscule compared to some of what's going on in the world

  8. Brownish-green eyes are HAZEL! Sorry, but I've been told my entire life I have either brown or green eyes when they are distinctly NEITHER. I had the military insist I had GREEN eyes and I remember arguing so hard someone looked like they wanted to punch me even tho they weren't even part of the conversation. Someone eventually sighed and gave me the designation of HAZEL eyes. The designation IS almost as important as tatoos if you go into a war zone and get blown up. I mean what if my head was the only thing to survive if my unit was blown the F up and they had nothing but my eyes to try and identify me against the other members of my unit? Bite me if you don't understand.

  9. Well, just got this a few days ago. Got it on sell for 50% off on Origin and playing ME1 first. When I first played this in 2007, I like the story, but playing the game was rather choppy and jumpy. Played it on a PC … just can't remember what kind of hardware it was. But I just built a new system (MSI Z590; i9-11900K; with RTX 3060 TI video card, 32.0 GB Ram). Playing it on LG G1 55" screen 120 hz with G-Sync enabled … Thus far, I'm pretty impressed at how smooth it's playing, and even the sound quality has improved … enjoying this upgrade!

  10. I played ME 2 and 3 and loved it back in the day. Now I’m playing ME 1 for the first time and I’m not that into it. I did the first few missions and it’s just ok, but maybe I remembered these games more fondly when I was younger.

  11. Surprised by the fact nobody mentioned the glaring bugs like the audio not working or dialogue skipping without reason the wrong audio playing in the wrong part or the game causing your console to shut off or just no audio at all

  12. I just got my Xbox series S and it’s hard to know which games . Will only work with the specific Xbox series S or X hard drive . But I am definitely going to be giving this a try . I completed the original versions of all 3 games . And I can’t wait to see what this is like . I am really excited to play it .

  13. Almost ending ME2. Played almost 10 hours straight yesterday it's that addicting. I've ordered ME Andromeda once I finish the 3rd.
    I know the reviews on Andromeda are bad, but I'm playing it either way to keep the momentum.

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