Firearms Expert Reacts To The Mass Effect Trilogy’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the intense weaponry of the Mass Effect franchise, including the in-universe weapons, the Avenger rifle, the Mantis sniper rifle, and the Collector assault rifle.

In the latest video in…

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  1. Technically weapons in Mass Effect don't reload persay. They're fitted with like a giant block of metal and little bits are sheered off and propelled at almost FTL speeds. The metal is Polonium if that mod is equipped or the barrel coats the projectile in toxic compounds as it's fired.

    The M8 actually is supposed to be kind of a hybrid of the M4 and an XM8 in space.

  2. What's the point of this video, i feel like asking, if the expert isn't explained the lore properly. That'd be like a Chef, telling his opinion on rifles.

  3. I would argue that SMGs are less likely to disappear than you'd expect. The military has numerous roles that require the person to have an emergency weapon that is very compact. Examples are tank crews, pilots, etc. Once their primary weapon is lost they're expected to get of the battlefield as quickly as possible. They need enough firepower to keep the enemies heads down, nothing more.

  4. I like Ferguson, but sometimes its obvious he doesn't really go through stuff he is shown. Reason for SMG is spelled righ there in the description. SMGs are effective against shields and barriers, since in the setting shiels/barriers are very good at stopping one strong hit, but have problems with lots of smaller projectiles hitting them in rapid succession.

  5. Mass Effect 3: Oh do I have a list of weapons for you.

    Also Gamespot why’d you have to tease me with him going over Mass Effect’s weapons? I love the man’s professional “go over on all kindsa” firearms already with Star Wars. Now I’m just seriously nerding out here lol.

  6. Some of the wackier guns from the Destiny series could be fun to react as you have classic western style weapons from Tex Mechanica to burst fire rifles which alter spacetime and create singularities.

  7. "Gears of war situation where there's no stock" which is why Jonathan should check out Gears for a video. Where do they fit the chainsaw inside of the Lancer? Is the hammerburst actually burst or Semi-auto? I want to see Jonathan's brain explode from the nonsensical weapon designs

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