Firearms Expert Reacts To Team Fortress 2’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Team Fortress 2, including the iconic minigun, the Brass Beast, the Loch-n-Load launcher, and the game’s unique version of the Rocket Launcher.

In the latest video in the…

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  1. Love how hes trying to make sense of tf2 you know not like you can rocket jump sticky jump double and triple jump get uber charged and a list so long it would take me all day to say

  2. It’s interesting that he mentioned nails as one of the things that could be fired from the medic’s gun. As I’m pretty sure the syringe gun was actually partially based on the nail gun from both the original Team Fortress (now called TF classic) and the beta development of TF2. I might be misremembering some things, though, so if that’s the case please correct me with a reply.

  3. At 1:29, I could almost believe that the model was created by someone describing the China Lake pump action 40 mm grenade launcher to the developer without showing them the Forgotten Weapons video on the China Lake pump action 40 mm grenade launcher.

  4. i know its kinda late but you could do Firearms Expert Reacts To Team Fortress 2 CLASSIC Guns. Because tf2 classic is game made by fans that repaired all the reload animations made it more realistic and added more real guns. Tf2 classic is now shut down tho because of some problem with valve. But when the problem will be over you can do something with that.

  5. ok so the thing with the syringe gun might be that the little bottle might be some gas fed thingy
    and since it fires syringes so fast it runs out and you have to replace it in order to operate the gun continuously
    i'm not a gun expert but it seems like a funny theory

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