BOTW's Absurd Glitch That No One Talks About

We dive into one of the most intense glitches in Zelda: Breath of the Wild called Super Menu Overload, where the fabrics of reality fall apart. Just how difficult is it to do though?

In the video above, we explain how and where the glitch works, and its ridiculous process of setting it up. For…

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  1. There's a glitch that I discovered with a savage lynal crusher and any shield. First equip the crusher and the shield. Second pull out the weapon. Third while the savage lynal crushed is in the pull out animation, equip a different two handed weapon then equip the crusher again. The shield would start floating until the savage lynal crushed gets put back.

  2. Question: when I lay played the game, years ago at this point (Wii-U), when I dropped a series of weapons to take photos of them for the log, or used too many amiibos at once to spawn items, they would despawn systematically. So how do you end up with with even more than 20 weapons on the ground to do this?

  3. Would super menu overloading be easier to do on an emulated switch using a beefy gpu and cpu? Is it the switches hardware that causes the game crashes of the game engine itself?

  4. What happens if you menu overload using multi shot bows, then dupe a multi-shot bow over and over and keep dropping more bows… will that work?

  5. If you shoot an arrow and then talk to an NPC while the arrow is still going, I will just drop after you end the conversation. If you do the same thing with an elemental arrow, whatever the element was the element will just stay there in the air for a decent amount of time.

  6. Campfires under water (I know it sounds weird but a campfire can break or smother out if it’s place on a ledge and falls in water) 20 under water and 100 or so weapons underwater can get you to walk under water. It’s called collision overload. There’s like one video floating around I think by Kleric.

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