Biomutant Developer Explanation Trailer

Check out the all new developer trailer for Biomutant explaining what Biomutant is and various aspects of the game and story. This trailer also teases different aspects like character customization that you can expect to see in the game upon release. Biomutant is developed by THQ Nordic….

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  1. I remember the first time seeing this game knowing it was going to be something special, but man this could end up being a contender for game of the year. Looks so fucking good!

  2. I can't see this game holding up against Breath of the Wild! But I hope it's good, because I love the art style. Looks unique! Just hope it's not a generic open world game with zero reason for exploration.

  3. Can't wait. Probably going to play a primal psi just cause I find the primal to be the cutest 🙂 Pre ordered for my PS4 thanks to all the videos, and great feedback from the production team. Fallout+SP Woodland Critters in a huge open world with tons of crafting, and a player driven story? SH!T, MAN! It's a no brainer for me. Shame I don't have a better video card, or I'd have gone the PC way.

  4. I REFUSEEE to watch Pewd's 4 hour long gameplay lol. I have the gist of the game down. There is a world tree. 6 tribes. 3 light. 3 dark. You either help them cleanse the world, or unite it. You get mutations. Lots of exploration. lots of customization.

  5. I wonder if this game will be finished upon release or just be patched as it goes like all these other shitty companies

  6. Its good to see that some developers still have a sense of creativity and passion in making unique and interesting titles such as this. I hope this game becomes a huge hit and we get more developers inspired to take leaps of faith to see their visons come to life

  7. At first, I watched this without sound and seriously thought it was just yet another team
    (tribe) based battle royale game or some crap. Especially that customization screen. It totally looked like your typical pay to win/spray customization. Was surprised to find out it was a single player open world RPG.

  8. Seems interesting that they have to explain the game.
    "So… You see, the game is like this… And let me explain why.
    We can explain what happened!! "

  9. Please bring this to Nintendo switch , me personally I do not wish to buy this on any other counsel . Please make this a reality for me, thank you in advance ??

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