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Biomutant Character Creator Breakdown (4K)

Excited about Biomutant’s imminent release on May 25? Join us for our 4K breakdown of the game’s in-depth character creator and learn about all the different looks, classes, and customizable options for your new furry friend.

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  1. When asked on what platforms its coming out….the answer was given as current gen consoles havent came out yet. Its akward af releasing something to past gen in 2021….then end up charging extra for an current gen patch/update

  2. Stupid question I doubt anyone can answer it but have they said what the difference between the dual wield skill the dlc class starts with and the twin silver grip that one of the base classes starts with they both apparently give dual wield

  3. this video kind of drove me crazy. i really just wanted to take over the controls the entire time. especially cause it kept hopping between the same things over and over

  4. Are there level gating and fetch quests in this game? Looks interesting btw. And does the console version perform well and stable? Another class locked behind pay wall in a full game like EA's Star War one lol. Guess I'll wait instead of pre-ordering.

  5. 1 thing I hate is the pre-order aspect since the pre-order dlc is only available to those who pre-order the digital version which seems unfair to anyone who pre-orders the physical version.

  6. "Excited about Biomutant's imminent release on May 25?"

    I was, for many months, until I saw the price. Only one version, and it's a frankly ridiculous £55. I will not be buying this game.

  7. In a gameplay video a few months ago, I remember when the Creation Menu showed up, the narrator said: "Choose your gender" which made me think there'd be a difference in voices. That option is no longer here. Does anybody know if the character doesn't talk in the game?

  8. so no female option? thats… really dumb tbh

    you could even have had it tie into stats just like appearance does, more strength for male and more vitality for female for example

  9. I preordered 2 days ago since I had some money to spare suprisingly. Im gonna make my character with black fur and light blue accents give him that mystic look. The fur customizer kinda reminds me of monster hunter lol.

  10. I'm surprised they removed the Gender option, I mean I was going to play as a guy anyway so having everyone be a guy is much cooler i guess

  11. Hi, so. I bought bio mutant today. And I've just started my adventure. It's a good game so far… Kinda like a cute lil' game to play when you want something to brighten up your day and not play anything too serious or of the Horror/Survivor Horror genre. Nothing too heavy. I have a few… gripes. One is the character creation isn't… typical? Or your standard RPG? Which… I don't like. It's missing elements of control; in my opinion. Or direct control. Another thing is… to me; a RPG open world character is something that needs- A player needs to identify with them. So they feel close to you and feel that it represents you in this world or who you want to be. Not giving the player a option for gender or a option to NAME the character just feels off to me.

    When I play my character- I barely feel I had control over what she (yes, I want to identify mine as a 'she'.) looked like; what I wanted her to look like. Her appearance was based on stats alone; not what I want to make her look like cosmetically. Secondly, I'm playing a nameless character. I couldn't name her and give her a identity; make her a person in this world. And also voice acting… I get it. They are not human so they why would they speak english; or what ever language you speak. I get that. But it still… tosses me off though. So those are my gripes. Does anyone else feel this way?

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