9 Minutes Of New Far Cry 6 Gameplay

Come visit tropical Yara!

An island filled with beautiful flora, stunning vistas, friendly locals and of course interesting wildlife!

In this slice of Far Cry 6 gameplay we get to see a little of what we can expect when the game releases on October 7th, 2021. Highlights of course being good…

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  1. It just looks like Far Cry… Like more of what we've already seen from 3, 4, 5… When do they plan on modernising and taking up a challenge with this series? Enemies look at you awkwardly and do nothing and then they ragdoll stupidly after shooting them? Like come on. The textures look extremely blurry in places as well, plus there isn't any raytracing by the looks of it. I mean games like Fear, Halo, Half-Life, and even Farcry 2 has better A.I than this… Crysis and Farcry 2 both had a lot of physics based enviromental stuff as well… Are we seeing that come back? The new Call of Duty and Battlefield are coming out and look like they are PS5/Xbox Series X/3080-3090 games, but this looks like PS4 era still.

    I bought Far Cry 5 at launch thinking it was going to change everything with the tower removal, unlocking points based on information given to you, the Arcade mode… It looked so promising but I still ended up finding stashes, taking out camps… Over and over with poor A.I. and constant patrols (annoying asf). The best elements were the sandbox elements but unless you really go out of your way they are so rarely used.

    I geniunely want a good open-world shooter with depth and fun gameplay, but this doesn't look like it.

  2. C'est moche, mou, et rien de nouveau.
    On est de plus en plus loin de la claque visuel du premier Farcry en 2004.
    FarCry c'est devenu une merde commerciale comme CallOfDuty, Bravo.

  3. The sounds of the guns are awsome a hope they arent changed on the release version… I don't know coz am keeping it and me Series X for christmas… its torture. Hahaha

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