37 Minutes of Resident Evil Village PC Demo Gameplay

We try out the Resident Evil Village Demo on PC. We go through both the Village and the Castle since both demos are available. Players will have 1 hour to explore as much of both as they want. The Demo starts on May 1st at 5PM PDT and will last until May 9th at 5PM PDT. Resident Evil Village…

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  1. From leak heard, game is average for 13 to 15 hours in length, to complete main story, not including extra content. Probably bit more though heard if want find every item, and ever thing game wants to offer.

    If true than about long as re 4 main story campaign, not including extras, which is about around 16 hours total.

    re 5 was 12 hours, so sounds about right and for me thats fine, i would not want another bloated single player campaign like resident evil 6, which clocks 22 hours.

  2. I love Resident Evil series… but this one right now at 60+ dollars for a single player game….. na I'll pass…..I'll wait for the 19.99 sale..

  3. you can now play it on PC but you're STILL using a controller? seriously, what to fuck is wrong with you?! this shit is unbelievable…

  4. horrible port, don't know how it runs on consoles. using mouse to look around feel jittery and just horribly bad. zero smoothness whatsoever. also key mapping is strange. press delete to quit and left click to go back in menu? … what kind of reptilian aliens mapped these settings.

    otherwise it's a good RE game. I hope they'll fix the mouse but I doubt it.

  5. I love this game so far and am so hyped for it but damn is it demanding. With a 3090 and 5900x I was getting 45fps average in 4K and it was using 16gb VRAM lol

  6. When setting up the demo was anyone else not able to adjust the game to any where near full size on the screen, it stayed like half size up in the left corner (PC) and because of this my mouse won't function right because it's acting as if the whole screen is in play so my mouse has to move off the screen to move the fov ? I couldn't even make it through the full village section it was so difficult to move

  7. so they ignored all players who asked to give the option to switch between first and third-person view, oh well I am not buying it not even for a pinny, just like RE 7, I will stick with the evil within series

  8. Resident Evil 4 kept me up at night
    Resident Evil 7 really gave me a nightmare
    This was only the first 30 minutes and I'm already freaking the F#%K out from pretty much EVERYTHING here in 8

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