11 Minutes of Scarlet Nexus Preview Gameplay

Scarlet Nexus is the upcoming anime-style action RPG from Bandai Namco, and here are 11 minutes of brand new gameplay for you to check out!

In a futuristic world threatened by otherworldly monsters called ‘Others’, Scarlet Nexus sees you play as either Kasani or Yuito with the task of putting a…

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  1. looks like a PS2 game re-released in HD for xb360. Not just because of the graphics but the style and tune on the action-rpg with anime galore.

  2. This is literally "Shonen: The Video Game"

    Every character has a specialized element/style. 3-man cells. Gradually getting stronger together. A part of an organization, all trying to be "the strongest"

    I cant fucking wait.

  3. It feels very much like a Bandai Namco game, for better or worse. Like Code Vein, God Eater etc. Seeing how successful Code Vein has been I thought they would double down on that game more instead of making a new IP but probably next year.

    I'm glad they keep doing what they always do to be honest, they might not make masterpieces but their game has a unique flavor and charm to it that you can hardly find in other games. Just like how Ubisoft make Ubisoft game, I personally dislike and get bored of Ubisoft openworld game but a lot of people love them and there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. It's refreshing to see anime girls wear something that resembles clothes, the high pitch squealing while in combat and talking is murder on my ears, I wanna like it but I dunno, not sure if it's my type of game

  5. The combat looks so SICK!! And the graphics/art style are also top notch, this game is right up my alley!

    This is the kinda game I want to have some sort of super duper ridiculous HARD MODE so I can really sink my teeth into the combat and game mechanics ??

    And i'm crazy enough to start a fresh game on that if offered from the start ?

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