Zelda BOTW Pro Speedrunner and Combat Expert React to New Viral Clips

We gathered Breath of the Wild pro speedrunner Limcube and combat expert RinHara5aki together to break down some speedruns, combat, glitches, and more.

Breath of the Wild is the game that keeps on giving, with people still finding new things four years later. Luca Jakobi, aka “Limcube,” and Max…

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  1. 12:53 "…and if you want to see my solo react videos, or my breakdowns for Breath of the Wild, then check out the links in the description below :D"
    the description below:

  2. Clothing combo:
    Hylian Hood + Nintendo Switch Shirt + Royal Guard Pants

    Amber Earings + Shirt of the Wind (Lobster Shirt) + Shorts of the Wild

    Cap of the Wild + Tunic of the Wild + Hylian Trousers (colored brown)

  3. Me knowing that the game has so many things undiscovered and I can't to any of these fighting techniques: Cool

    Also me when they say you can just open menu at cooking station for food menu: WAAAATTT!

  4. Where the guy hit the libel with lightning he did that like this, when he was about to get struck by lightning he shot a shock arrow at the lynel and that made the lightning target the lynel not that you have to have a wooden sword and shield but a metal bow I believe

  5. For the thunder thing with the Lynel you hold a metal weapon and when your about to get struck you shoot a shock arrow and unequip the metal weapon and thunder will hit whatever you shot the shock arrow at

  6. I was just wondering if anyone knew what would happen if you crouched under a guardian and then bow spinned, bc it has a weakpoint down there and since the bow spin attacks vertically it might insta kill or smn….. I cant find out bc i lost my game cartridge

  7. Try completing the Ze Kasho shrine on CEMU without motion controls…I found out I can make the platforms move by using my mouse and right clicking to cause random jumpy movements of the platform. After a long, long time and much frustration, I finally completed the shrine yesterday!

  8. Hi, gamespot.
    I love your vides of the things you still don't know about breath of the wild, and I have one for you. This tip is really unique that you have to be in the right circumstance for you to experience it. I learned this tidbit from CJYA's video on beating breath of the wild while the world is on fire. Devine beast Vah Medoh cannons can be beaten without using bomb arrows. If you use a strong melee weapon and hit the cannons with a dive attack, it will do damage to the cannon. In case your wondering it does not work for va Naboris not sure about ruta.

  9. I may be being fussy here but the German guy's voice is way to distracting. I just hear the guy from the big lebowski, "ve vant ze money lebowski. It's not fair his girlfriend lost a toe." etc. :/

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