Verdansk Has Been NUKED – Warzone Event Gameplay

Verdansk is lost. Warzone’s zombie takeover comes to a close in this season-ending event. Watch as we figure out what becomes of Verdansk, and what’s in store for Warzone players.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk map has been overrun by zombies. With the infestation spreading to 100%, watch…

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  1. A proper ICBM, being a ballistic missile, would have followed a ballistic trajectory. The missile used was more like a anti tank missile. Though typically anti tank missiles are to thin for having a nuclear tip. A cruise missile with nuclear payload would have been a lot bigger in size. It also wouldn't have swerved so much reaching its target. Just about everything about that shot is just plain wrong. Good to see game developers are still clueless when it comes to realism in games these days.

  2. After over a year of that map they make the biggest event only 2 hours long and crashes!!!?? If that isn’t bad enough the “new” map is just a less detailed “retro” version of the same thing? I’m done with COD

  3. Since blizzard took activision it's been nothing but microtransactions and junk for a game that is this old. Look at state of decay 2, they still are constantly improving and adding new free things to the game since its launch. That's how publishers should work if they wanna stay in the long term for the "good guy developers" in people's minds.

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