Returnal Video Review

Returnal blends elements of shooters, roguelikes, action games, and horror to redefine bullet hell and conjure a mysterious, moody masterpiece.

After reviewing many roguelikes, Mike Epstein sometimes feels like he too is stuck in a loop that punishes his every mistake. He played Returnal for…

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  1. Is this worth a download or wait for a physical copy? Best Buy screwed up and didn’t get the shipment. I got an unavailable email. Every store in my area is sold out. Should I wait or download?

  2. PS5's next game will probably just be named  "Kallie Plagge" or "Lucy O'brien" to appease Gamespot, IGN. Days Gone 2, change dot org  probably only needs another 50k signatures to get a sequel and a movie.  I don't have to tell these YouTube channels, especially after some of their reviews of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,  the pressure of going against the mainstream femia. Playstation's CEO needs to hear from you !

  3. This game is phenomenal. If you own a ps5 you have to play this game. Ok so this game is challenging and it doesn't hold your hand or follow the same formula as many other 3rd person shooters but that is kind of the beauty of it.

  4. I love all the little Xbox fanboys just sick over the fact that Sony has another great exclusive. It's funny. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  5. i just got a ps5. Played spiderman and gow. Don't know if I should get this. Is this game like outriders ( i loved that game)

  6. Goty hands down. The most inventive game in so long. Very fun and challenging, always enjoyable! Amazing work from Housemarque. The only thing that I didn’t like were the unbalanced guns…maybe it was made on purpose, but i user almost only 1 gun

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