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Returnal Review (PS5)

Returnal is a relentless nightmare that’s a dream to play. The journey is full of horror and terrible discoveries, but also unbridled curiosity and wonder. If you have the taste for it, this is an adventure that begs to be experienced. Watch…

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  1. How did I only just hear about this game now? I immediately bought it on Amazon as soon as the review ended. Than you for a great and concise review. Very informative!

  2. Any game that forces a player to start over and ove and over again, every time the die, deserves a game score of 0/10 and that's exactly what this garbage game gets. The map is really small and the cheap lazy developers made sure to implement the die and start over mechanic, just to make the game seem larger and longer. The developers, Housemarque, have made 18 games in their pathetic existence and have yet to even come close to making a decent game. Housemarque games aren't worth the time of day!

  3. Looking at reviews tryna fine more motivation to play this..tired of dying and using that damn pistol over and over again…otherwise good game

  4. Looks like a great game but beware with the saving files getting corrupted. Otherwise, I believe ppl aren't really having issues.

  5. Looks great but it will truly be frustrating playing for 2 hours or 3 hours straight dying and then having to do all that over again lol. But I'm definitely going to play this game looks like a great challenge

  6. It is an amazing game. I’ve lost countless times but I keep coming back for more, is that much enjoyable.

  7. You guys gave a game which is just a random grind fest 9.5 and you gave biomutant 6 very weird it shows how every review is paid on the internet it's just how it is now.

  8. So I was REALLLY on the fence with this one. I normally utterly despise rougelike/rougelite /whatever the hell games. I usually have fun for an hr then get bored to tears. But after having to have surgery and needing something to play while forced to sit around, and having blown through RE village in like 2 days I picked this up. The combat is so fun that I haven't gotten bored at all. Also the constant weapons, tweaks and upgrades really help keep things somewhat fresh. I really wish they would out a demo for this one as I think more people like me would justify the price tag and grab it if they could see for themselves just how good the core loop is. Especially since it's practically impossible to easily rent games on a whim anymore now that redbox did away with them…

  9. Ok..lets have some clarification here from someone who doesn't get paid to review games Returnal is a beautiful game with fluid controls and action paced combat! But..if you don't like dying over and over again you're going to hate this game. Even with the online guidance play throughs for this game, It just gets stupid after awhile. And yes, Every time you get killed you come back to a different level design which keeps the game from becoming annoying at times but, Certain decisions the developers made left me questioning my continuation playing this title. One example: after you finally kill the first boss which was a pain in the toosh when traveling to the next level which is the crimson level you have some really kick ass weapon upgrades but when you die ( because there is no save feature ) you start back at the beginning the FIRST level with your kick ass weapon GONE!

    Now, I know part of the reason for this is in the title RETURNAL as in RETURN but back to the beginning? and when you do you still have to progress through a few levels to get to the gate again to proceed to the crimson area. You will have to fight hostels try to get your Hp up to a adequate level and your sidearm then proceed back to the gate..It's just gets too REPETITIVE even for the title of this game! And in my onion there's no reason why you can't hold on to that gun when you return you could get back you HP quicker, go through the few levels quicker and come back to the gate faster get back into the action on the crimson level much sooner with your bad ass gun modified even more..potentially.

    This gives the player a since adequate progress to continue playing a game that they paid $70 for. Who wants to pay that a amount for a game that is programed just to frustrate you unnecessarily. You know some of us have jobs that a unable us to waste 100 plus hrs on trying to complete a game yes..this is just a GAME sorry, but it's true and it just seems like lots of unwarranted hype for a lot of newer games need to be brought down significantly (Cyberpunk 2077 anyone). Look Returnal is pretty but it's really not all that lot's of time is wasted with this title in my opinion and REAL time is precious maybe with some updates from feedback or a difficulty mode added I'll return but in the meantime it's back to game pass.

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