Resident Evil Village Preview

We got a glimpse of an hour of Resident Evil Village footage that primarily focused on the the village, and Lady Dimitrescu’s castle. Resident Evil Village looks like a combination of Resident Evil 7 and the more action-oriented Resident Evil 4. The village portion of the game has heavy Resident…

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  1. Is anyone else concerned that the game isn’t gonna be scary?? I played both the village and castle demos (I know they are just demos and there’s a whole game there) but they weren’t scary :/ I remember in RE7 I was terrified of the Baker house and there were really good scares in it! I know I’m probably just concerned for nothing but was wondering if anyone else had the same thought

  2. So I'm seeing the curency called lei
    Guesing this game is about transylvania this confirms that I live in the same country the game is located in

  3. Juices channel he does vr with Josh dub mully wich is muselks brother. Posted a video a few months ago looking at old videos.. he made a video on fallout 4 you saw it overnight and didn't give any credit he had 995 subs you had like 3 mil and you took his video without giving credit.. wouldn't be supriased if this is someone else to

  4. If only gamespot hired critics who had the ability to critique games with their own deductive reasoning rather than relying on low rent comparisons to other games.
    Dude, fuck you and RE 4.

  5. "Just like the merchant in RE4"
    The Merchant in RE4 doesn't sell ammo though. This guy hasn't even played the game. I will never understand gaming journalism.

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