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Resident Evil Village: Exclusive Look At How Upgrades Work (4K)

Join us as we take an exclusive look at the upgrade systems of Resident Evil Village. The dangerous world of Capcom’s new horror title is filled with animals and enemies that hold precious items vital to your survival, but how does that help the…

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  2. i think its fair for Ethan to have more powerful upgrade mechanics than other RE protagonist. He is not a special op police or police or some special agent. All we know for now he is just a normal guy…

    Unless the fact he was not shocked about his hand reattached in RE7 implied something else.

  3. I am so excited for village were only 5 days away from the release date and I keep getting more hyped for it. I am really looking forward to what the Duke has on sale for us.

  4. Okay I don’t know why no one is actually telling you how to get the Duke to start cooking for you in the first place

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