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Resident Evil Village: Exclusive Environment Tour (4K)

Resident Evil Village is almost here, and with the game’s May 7 release comes an unfamiliar play space for fans to explore. Join us as we give you a tour of the new village and the inspirations behind it!

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  1. It's a shame that VIII is not going to have Polish subtitles [sic!]; I know that English in this game is not on a very complex level but it breaks immersion for some people who likes to read lore, notes etc. Personally, I'm not going to play this just because of my GPU – GTX 760 2GB – unless I'll have a new one and this is unlikely. I'm probably going to watch gameplay on YT.

  2. I’ve played all the RE games except for 7. I don’t know, never got my attention. So playing village will be a hell of an experience. Hope I’ll enjoy it.

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