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Resident Evil Village Exclusive Coverage Trailer | Game Informer

This month’s Game Informer cover is a Lady D-sized issue featuring the one and only Resident Evil Village! Join us for two weeks of exclusive coverage featuring new gameplay, developer insights, and a look at the history of the iconic…

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  1. I'm not spending money on this cross gen garbage. I'll only play it if it goes on the legendary GAME PASS. Capcom are a bunch of liars just like Jim Ryan… acting like this game was fully next gen when it wasn't this whole time. Disgraceful.

  2. Alcina will be like Jack baker (awesome char but only be used in RE8, and not the whole game), i want that she become so much more Ç_Ç

  3. why do you guys like to spoil things before they come out? what about discovering this new game and its mechanics. discover for yourself kinda thing. i miss those days. now everything is spoiled by by youtube videos or articles. there isnt any indication that this is a spoiler.

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