Resident Evil Village April Showcase Livestream

Tune into Capcom’s showcase for Resident Evil Village to see a brand new trailer and gameplay. The event begins on April 15th at 3pm PT.

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  1. They mentioned they filming in toronto but they avoiding say anything about romania / moldova ( old Transilvania ) where the whole action from this game is. The currency is called : Leu ( the currency name from Romania country )

  2. It's really obvious that Capcom came up with the "Village" idea just so they could use the first 3 letters of Village as the Roman numeral VIII (eight).

  3. Maybe it's only me but I am just into games that have this first person perspective. I never feel like I see the world through someone's eyes, it looks more like a bodycam on somebody. Like when you aim with a pistol you only see the hand with a weapon in games but in real life when I shoot and stretch my arm I see everything all the way from my shoulder. The field of view is way smaller as well compared to how you see things in actuality. Movement is also unrealastic, the character can't even turn his head without turning the whole body, it's like controlling a vehicle. A person does not move like that…anyway, could be that it's just me, but I liked Resident Evil in a third person view better. Wish at least The Mercenaries mode had an option to changes perspective.

  4. 15:12 (RE) "it's a name you hear even in a movie business" . Even ? movie business is poor brother of game business. Who cares about movie business. Nothing to be proud of that lesser form of entertainment is adapting your work. They should thank you.

  5. The castle seems to look amazing! outside, it looks like 2005 is back… in a bad way.
    something i cant understand, is this "Sharp" look that the RE series has had since the first Re1 Remake. its like they cant make clothes that is fluid, and just put a square box on zombies and then use a scissor to remove bits and pieces. I know they do it like that, so that clothes look "ripped" and torn but it looks awful.

    Also… Things with the name "Village" haven't really turned out… successfully…

    i am one the ones that hated Re4, not because it was a bit more action packed, but because the game looked horrible… even for the time..

    Also.. can a game that "seems" to be about vampire isch and werewolfsesque style.. really be called Re?

  6. Ahhh yes more shitty greedy Sony exclusivity stuff locking out the people that don't have Playstations. Even having a PC and PS I'm getting so sick of seeing this. Stop locking out people from playing games because of your greed. It's one of the most toxic things in this industry and the consumers have nothing to do with your corporate temper tantrums and money fights.

  7. I bet Chris Redfield is infected and was ordered to kill his wife and take his child but while being controlled is really trying to help Ethan. Cus in the cover it shows Chris half human half lycan

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