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Resident Evil Village: A Deeper, Inside Look At The Lycan (4K)

On today’s Game Informer cover video, we’re giving you a deeper, inside look at the Lycan, Resident Evil Village’s main antagonist. How do these disturbing werewolves react to Ethan and his arsenal? Can our main protagonist stand up to the might…

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  1. What have they done to my beloved Resident Evil Franchise ??? Vampires, werewolves, witches……….we were all wrong….Bram Stoker didnt invented Dracula and the vampires….Umbrella did ?

  2. As far as gameplay goes it's probably the best early stages I've ever seen for a yet to be released resident evil & has more realistic gun mechanics, that's pretty cool.

  3. These lycans apart from a few noticeable changes seem to operate the same way as the molded even down to their heads exploding and the wiggling physics they do as they get back up off the ground.

  4. One issues with the lycans. They all look exactly the same down to the invidiual's hairstyle. That's… not even an issue the zombies had to deal with.

  5. one thing though does virus mutation stops because of strong will power ? in RE7 old man (forgot the name) seemed very kind in the end of game when he was asking ethan for help .. surely it turned out to be a bioweapon in the end..

  6. Back then when the info about werewolves was starting to leak and people were like "that is ridiculous! that is not Resident Evil!".. we came a long way from there 😀 I dunno, I honestly like the fresh take on infection and what it mutates people into and werewolves? I love them, so I will enjoy fighting them in a horror game.

  7. shout out to Resident Evil for making werewolves scary again. I'm banking on Chris having a mano e mano fist fight with roundhouse kicks and everything with lycan like Spoon did in Dog Soldiers.

  8. I'm not liking it.
    Seems a bit of a mess.
    Combat looks cumbersome and slow – not something that you immediately think of when you picture fighting werewolves.
    I don't like the werewolf designs, but then i do. It's a weird love/hate thing. I don't like that they're the antagonists of the game. Thematically they work with the village, but contextually I don't see them being a villain I'm excited for compared to past RE villains.
    Ethan moves like a brick shithouse.

  9. First of all gents, these are not lycans. There is no full moon, these are out during the day and they do not transform back. In my opinion, these are mutations under umbrella similar to the dead coming back to life. One experiment, with the T virus, simply reanimates cells in the body. So yea, people come back to life, but they wanted to build weapons not zombies. Happy accident.

    What I think is happening here is umbrella wanted to build weapons again and this wolf like man mutation is just another result of experimentation. And the placement in this Euro area is just coincidence. I have no doubt there will be a lot of, A ha! moments in this game. Now, these vamp ladies… Let me wrap my head around that still, because the bat transformation is some mystical ish indeed lol!

    And Lady D is just a female Tyrant. That's all, no more no less.

  10. Man those graphics look so fucking bad…. it's like a slap in the face…. this has to be the absolute worst generational leap ever in the history of gaming. Like, i'm not even a graphics whore, but it just looks so………. bad.

  11. They really nailed it out of the park so far. It is basically taking the best things about RE7 and RE4 and combining them both for an enjoyable experience.

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