Path of Exile – Full Presentation

Check out the full Path of Exile presentation featuring a new trailer and gameplay for Path of Exile 2 as well as a look at the new DLC coming to Path of Exile, Path of Exile: Ultimatum.

In this livestream we announced our April 2021 expansion, Path of Exile: UItimatum where you must undertake…

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  1. intro: yes.. yes, yes!
    trailer: YEAH! wooo yes!
    gameplay starts: yeah! let's go!
    *enters the cave, "black strider" appears*: NOPE NOPE NOPE! Nobody say anything about playing in Australia!!

  2. And yet again, the "swoosh move" returns to ensure a broad appeal, as it is apparently expected to be featured in almost every single modern third person game, that isn't specifically marketed as "grounded in reallity".
    I hate to admit it, but I immediately lost my interest in this game, the moment he (the character) started moving around the environment, like a true anime-ninja. It's as if people are genuinely afraid they'll fall asleep while playing, if they're not constantly preoccupied with moving around their character in maximum speed.
    Either that, or I'm just expiring prematurely as a gamer. And I'm not excluding the latter as being the most likely case here.

  3. They need to add this dynamic moving camera feature to the game. I hate how the camera position is static, except for the miniscule zoom you've got..

  4. Switching weapons and armor around without redoing gems is awesome, really wish they would have done something different with scrolls and flasks though. 😒

  5. I keep trying to get into poe, it’s just too overwhelming and complicated that I just stop stressing over learning everything and quit. I hope poe2 will tone it down and make it a bit simpler to get new players into it. Definitely willing to give it another shot.

  6. MAKE IT PLAYABLE!!!! If you need a better CPU than the lastest one in market to play it WHATS THE DAMN POINT???!!!
    Dont trip over the same rock as with POE.
    PS: i made this comment before watching the video, now its seems clear to me that it's completly UNPLAYABLE, gl with that.

  7. Not much we can expect, the devs dont even work on the old game, this is just gonna be a reskin with a few new mechanics and thats about it.

  8. Path of exile team is for sure clever guys. They listen to diablo fans and they make their game based on their requirements
    Battle style: Nice animations, slow battle and normal. Not that fast pace childish shit of Diablo 3 and 4
    Graphics are excellent!
    Music and voices are really really close to diablo 1-2 series (even the lady that speaks at 4 min reminds me of Deckard Cain voice). Music was a crucial part of sucess in Diablo 1-2. You were afraid to enter the next level or open a door. Blizzard dont want to realize that their approach is shitty and that's where this great POE2 team comes aboard and make this happen. This is how you win the market and for sure POE2 will overpass Diablo series with PO2 against Diablo 4.

  9. that looked perfect!
    but I cannot stop thinking about the music. looks like it's "just" good ambient music and that's it, while after D2 I wish every game have exceptional soundtrack. you would listen to this for a MANY hours so it must be just perfect.

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