Path of Exile 2 Official Second Trailer

Check out the official second trailer for the Path of Exile 2!

In late 2019, we announced Path of Exile 2 at the ExileCon convention in New Zealand. After over a year of anticipation, we’re proud to present you its second trailer.

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  1. Path of Exiles and Lost Ark pretty much killed my interest in the Diablo series. After seeing this trailer though. Yeah… not the least bit sorry about the death of my interest in the Diablo series lol.

  2. Cet acte deux a l'air terrible! Oui au cas ou certain comprendrait pas ce que je veux dire, c'est bien l'acte deux de POE2.

  3. On PS4 this game is 10 thousand times worse than cyberpunk 2077 everything in this game is absolutely buggy! Maps without textures, innumerable bugs in the skills, unbalanced level progression system with the game killing in the leg etc. the most broken game on PSN without a doubt is so much blue screen that I lost my HD! This GGG does not respect those who play on PS4 leave the game broken without any responsibility to the players and in this poe 2 I am absolutely sure that it will be even worse on PS4!

  4. If I still get one-shotted by random mobs just to make it interesting I will insert a drilling machine in every developer's ass and turn it on. Just to make it interesting

  5. Can I just ask for confirmation? Is this going to be a addition to the current path of exile or a whole new game in general? like will we be able to still play the original campaign/story, and then when that ends, continue with the new campaign and everything we're seeing here? Probably a stupid question but I'm a little unclear and have not found a video explaining anything further. Appreciate the feedback if anybody gets time. And thanks for the trailer. ?

  6. I'm excited for PoE 2, but If i find inconsistencies like in PoE 1 where shady online vendors have 10 million mirrors in stock at the beginning of a new season, I won't be supporting GGG whatsoever, I've supported PoE 1 more than I support most games, and to see this level of corruption makes me want to never play the game again, fix whatever is making this happen, your items are either being duped, or you are providing sellers with abundant stock to sell online… I'm not touching GGG games again until I get an honest answer for this… tired of people not addressing this massive inconsistency.

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