Nier Replicant ver.1.2474487139 Review

Though antiquated in some respects, Nier Replicant will tear your heart out with its timeless story, endearing and tragic characters, and beautiful soundtrack.

Michael cherishes Nier: Automata as one of his all-time favorites, and recently played the original Nier and found something just as…

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  1. Dang you really gonna put spoiler clips for the extra content. I didn't mind a few seconds but showing more dang…. don't people know you don't spoil parts like thay but just mention them instead.

  2. why isnt this played on a ps4 or ps4pro honestly… I understand the obvious reasoning but not everyone managed to get a ps5 even today no stock so maybe u wanna make justice by putting out a review for a ps4 game tested on the actual system. ~Thanks

  3. Neir automata crushed my heart when I played it every time I listen to it’s soundtrack or think about the game I feel this emptiness what is this emotion

  4. I bought automata on a whim not expecting much of it. It was one of the best games I ever played. Can’t wait to play this

  5. You know…I'm just going to stop watching these 'professional' reviews because these guys feel the need to spoil the story in their 'review'. I've watched non-establishment reviewers' take on this game, and in not one of them did I know that the game starts off in modern day Tokyo, then has a millennia long time skip with the same characters and that the name of the other character is Kein? Kaine? Whatever it begins with K…or C…point is I didn't get any of this information, yet in under 2 minutes, this 'review' gave me those plot points.

    All I knew of the game was you were a brother in search of a cure for his sister as far as plot goes.

  6. I do love ARPG's And some JRPG's when done right, the only thing I find unappealing and annoying is the girl characters when they swing the weapon and all you hear is YA YA YA YAAAR on every swing, it really grinds on the ears, but I love the Nier games for its tone and themes and some enemy designs are truly unique, bought my copy today and can't wait to get into it!

  7. This game has so much potential but the side quests ruin it. There's WAY too many and it's just back and forth from town to town for hours and hours. I enjoy the music and the quest writing but there's a point where the game just becomes a walking sim and I think this game unfortunately has achieved said status

  8. I'm one of the six people that bought the original when it came out. I want to play this remake, but I'll probably wait for a sale.

  9. when games are on both systems and is not a next gen exclusive. i cannot understand why somebody would play any 3rd party games on a ps5… Xbox SX does it sooo much better in that appartment.. as long as a game comes too both consoles. i will aaalways play them on my Xbox SX. my ps5 is for ps5 exclusives

  10. How to do you say so much good things about this game with little to no negative things to say and then give it an 8?

    The way you talked about it made it sounds like a masterpiece I was expecting no less than a 9 or 10.

    But then I saw the #8 and I was like

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