Judgment: PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Comparison

Head back into the streets of Kamurocho with this side-by-side comparison of Judgment on PS4 Pro and PS5.

Judgment was originally released for PS4 in 2018 in Japan and 2019 in the West. The game stars Takayuki Yagami, a former lawyer turned private detective who’s hunting down the mystery of…

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  1. In PS5 it looks more alive and real..hmm I see. I like how the colours's more beautiful if I'd say. But to me if I have PS4 and it's alright and good I'll stick with it until it crashes.

  2. Just pissed I can't transfer my save from the PS4 version to the PS5 version. I haven't beaten the game yet, and would like to play the PS5 version, But I don't want to start all over. Stupid fucking decisions like this by incompetent developers ( or managers ) has stopped me from buying the PS5 version.

  3. Judgement was my first PS5 game I bought w my PS5 in late July so glad I have one and could support SEGA best game in years peace from Australia

  4. Why does the PS5 version look so much worse? Too dark, unsharp, more washed. What the hell.. guess I'm buying the PS4 version where you can actually see shit…

  5. Can’t get over how important it was for me personally that they fixed his massive wedgie. Almost made me not wanna play it because it looked so uncomfortable and awkward… almost. That 60fps though? Man… that’s the real game changer there, pun intended.

  6. Lost Judgement caught my eye but I didn't want to start with the 2nd game so I'm looking at this game and I really want to get it 40$ isn't bad maybe I'll wait until it's on sale

  7. Never heard about this game. I have a Ps4 slim and Im not a gamer at all I only played Rainbox Six Siege and Ghost Of Tsushima. Im waiting to receive my Ps5 I bought it to Play the new Ghost of Tsushima Director Cuts and when I saw comparison of both games on the pro and ps5 I though I made an error and shouldve just bought a pro for half the price of the Ps5. But looking at this game gameplay comparison Im glad I bought the Ps5 and cant wait to try it because the graphics are incredibly better. Seems like it depends on the game and its just Ghost of Tsushima that doesnt have a big improvement from the Ps4 Pro to the Ps5.

  8. I don't like how dark the ps5 makes it look, but I do see a significant improvement in graphics, especially when I look at the hairs on his head. I do see that raytracing stands out significantly on the ps5

  9. Its odd to me how the ps5 version of the game washes out the yellow-ish lighting of the scenes. It feels it loses what was an aesthetic choice for more standard lighting

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