Icarus: No Rescue Reveal Trailer

Filmed in a vivid documentary style with live actors, Icarus: No Rescue is told from the perspective of the earliest prospectors to come to planet Icarus after its terraforming failed, looking back twenty years later. Their search for exotic matter pushed them to their limits as they survived…

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  1. Can anyone identify the elder man in the trailer? His voice is KILLING me (in a good way)! I've heard him from somewhere else, I swear, but I can't find out who the cast members are. At first he sounded like John Goodman to me.

  2. Not really my type of game genre, but damn if this fantastic teaser doesn't make me want to play it! It's so good it should have been made into a movie IMO.

  3. If you have not bought this game to play in the refundable beta then I don't know what you are doing game wise ATM. Intuitive and grasping survival game with much more to come.

  4. I've never seen a game trailer quite like this one. I'd thought that Icarus was just another cookie cutter exploration/survival/crafting game but it's looking like it's got a new take on the concept. Man now i've def got my eye on this.

  5. I’m assuming you will have to apply this script to the game by imagination. This pushes way more rpg vibes than survival. Maybe they will mix the in both elements like The Long Dark. Either way, I am interested.

  6. 3:50 sell them to who? Didn't the guy say it takes 2 years of "deep sleep" to get to this planet? Why are they going out there to trade super valuable material for rifles and hammers & $, they're not prisoners so why are they not making money from going out here and doing this stuff? how are these transactions happening, how do rifles and gear get there from Earth? Do they have to wait 2 years for a new space suit? And they just created a 2nd earth adapted everything to breath different air, but can't do the same for humans, this is just a Swiss plot?

  7. First trailer had aliens in it and a silly vehicle without doors or windows. Those are gone.
    Now they are trying to justify this game being devoid of logic with this trailer lol

  8. Playing this game now. It's catchy. Too bad the character creation isn't anywhere near as diverse as the people in this video.

  9. This could be a good TV series. Go back and forth between Mo and the crew. Assuming the pod automatically goes back to the station, and randomly drops somewhere on the planet, perhaps the crew tries to get back to her or get her help. Although, it looks as though they think she is dead. Idk, but with the acting, id watch it!

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