Firearms Expert Reacts To Metro Franchise Guns

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  1. I feel like a big consideration that was missed with a lot of these guns, is that it's a post-apocalyptic setting where parts that aren't DESPERATELY needed on the gun aren't included as there just isn't enough to go around, and even less people with the skill and machinery to manufacture the weapons.

  2. He called the shotgun a revolver, but to me it looked almost like a belt-fed shotgun, but with a looped belt, that would allow shells to be "clipped" into place with flexible tabs.

    That was one of my favorites in-game and I always wanted to see someone make a functional prototype for the heck of it.

  3. The reason you can see the rounds is because of the 'ranger mode' – which removes the hud, all tooltips, tutorial prompts etc

    first playthrough i didnt know nightvision was a thing until the last maybe 30 mins….

  4. I would love to see a review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's weaponry. The weapons can be seen in 3rd and 1st person view as well as the model viewer which offer a close look at the highly detailed & realistic models. It would be interesting to see what Jonathan thinks of them as there are a lot of guns that are a combination of existing firearms as well as a selection of more fantastical weapons.

    Thank You for your work!

    I get a vast amount of entertainment from these videos. <3

  5. I'd love to have a Russian nugant revolver, I just like the look of them but I never knew you could suppress it. That's cool, I was under the impression that you can't suppress any kind of revolver pistol in the real world.

  6. at 10:00 you say you wont hit anything from hip firing but a disagree, if you aim like you'd aim a bow, you'd hit with the acuracy of a bow, wont be very accurate, but you will hit target within 50 m easily. And in this game you are way closer then 50 m

  7. My favourite comment on the guns of the Metro series is still when a YPG veteran said "Glukhovsky really spends a lot of time writing detailed descriptions of AKs, considering he's clearly never actually seen one.", and then when someone mentioned it's AKs from 2033, "If they've removed the ability to clear a jam by angling the rifle and racking twice, their society deserves to be destroyed by demons."

  8. The S&W revolver was a popular side arm in Russia since the mid 1800's and was the standard sidearm issued until Mosin Nagant pistol.

  9. Something to keep in mind is that half of these guns are homemade. Johnathan isn't wrong about the revolving shotgun, but I think he's missing the main point of its crude design.

  10. Currently I work as a Pneumatic's engineer designing Paintball Markers, and I was dying to see what was your opinion of the Air Rifle in the game, thoroughly enjoyed your video. thanks for sharing. Danial

  11. Спасибо Вам, меня всё время волновало возможна ли подача "Ублюдка" в реальной жизни. Теперь я могу спать спокойно)

  12. The azbatz "burst" function is really just the gun jamming every 3 shots because his weapon durability is low. If he cleaned it it would be full auto again.

  13. fun fact, the revolver shotgun has a reason it's a revolver, there are shotgun mags in the metro universe, the revolver shotgun uses ak shotgun style mags, and i believe they use revolvers because they keep losing mags or they're too difficult to manufacture, so they invented that system, taht got so popular everyone started using it.

  14. Those incendiary rounds that Jonathan pointed out are used as currency. They hit harder, and are powerful, but you're also burning money.

  15. you could probably come up with whacky gearing systems to make the oddly fed ones work, but they'd remain impractical and complex clockwork guts would be hard to make in a post apocalyptic setting where apparently no one has a working Lathe or Mill, let alone a CNC machine, and anything built out of scavenged materials where you had to design it weirdly to make the heap of random junk into a working weapon would probably be a one off and not something apparently mass-produced.

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