Firearms Expert Reacts To Battlefield 4’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the insane weaponry of Battlefield 4, including the FN F2000 rifle, the UTS 15 shotgun, and the Chinese QBB Type-95 automatic rifle.

In the latest video in the Firearm Expert Reacts…

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  1. 5:45 Fun fact: Using this weapon in real combat would actually be considered a warcrime. Because in the 1868 St Petersburg Declaration the use of explosive projectiles weighing under 400 g was prohibited. There are some exceptions, but this weapon would be covered by it, because it uselessly aggravates the sufferings of disabled men, or render their death inevitable.

  2. I think the reason snipers in BF 4 are so slow in its velocity and "high" in there bullet drop is the fact that otherwise the game would bee an all out sniper fest

  3. When i first played BF4 i tried the Mare's Leg… i found a sniper lying in the grass. Came up behind him and shot him 3 times with it. I have no idea where the bullets went or if i even hit him (Hitmarkers were bugged at the time) but the only thing i DO know is it didn't kill him, because he got up, turned around and oneshot me with a sniper rifle bullet in the chest. 0/10 Never again.

  4. As for the QBB – 95 – 1 ( Chinese Type 95 ), check with any of your Canadian friends as well. A small number of civilian versions had been imported there, iirc.
    Thank you to Jonathan at The Royal Armouries.

  5. The bullet drop in BF 4 is the most ridiculous in the series pretty much. At somepoints I checked the stats for the guns, pretty much every sniper rifle has the muzzle velocity of a pistol with the ingame revolver actually having a higher muzzle velocity than some snipers while also being able to fit a scope…

  6. Would medieval weapons work for a reaction? If that's the case, then i would love to see a reaction of Mordhau's weapons! 🙂

  7. well, this someone from China could't probably tell you what type95 feels, since firearms are strictly governed in China. Basically ONLY those who serving the military or police can tell you.

  8. I have to say, Mr. Ferguson's takes on videogame gunnery is the No. 1 reason I'm here on the GameSpot channel. Y'all got a golden goose with this collaboration.

  9. make me want to have this game now. i remember the game had a tons of glitches which make it unplayable back in its release time, but now it should be worth it to play it. so many of interesting and cool weaponry

  10. Hi Jonathan, future viewer here. The Russians gave some of their soldiers Mosin Nagants… and some of the Ukrainians have been seen using the DP 27. If games want to use lever action shotguns let them go for it…

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