Everything We Know About Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu

It’s been love at first sight with Lady Dimitrescu, however, looks can surely be deceiving. And while we’re all a little busy fetishizing the tall vampire lady, what do we actually know about her?

Check out our complete Resident Evil timeline explained here:

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  1. sure she's oddly attractive now, but after she takes enough damage she's gonna go into fugly beast mode.

  2. If Earth was to be invaded by sexy, attractive or cute aliens or monsters, humanity will fall. Because the world is full of simps.

  3. Bathory was not a serial killer. Its a lie and it is one of many times when women were demonized for politics.

  4. Fun Fact: The name Dimitrescu is an actual Romanian name, the places in the village and inside are based on country side houses and churches. As a fellow Romanian, I want this game

  5. to say that one of the daughters is voiced by Nicole Tompkins who voiced jill in the 2020 resident evil 3
    game next to jeff schine and Neil newbon who also provide voices in this game.

  6. Hearing him mispronounce Lady Dimitrescu's name after I watched the video with her VA even though fifteen minutes ago that's how I thought her name was pronounced ?

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