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Diablo II: Resurrected Technical Alpha (Barbarian GAMEPLAY)

We’re playing the Diablo II: Resurrected Technical Alpha, during which we’ll be showing off Barbarian gameplay and hosting a key giveaway so that a lucky few can access the Technical Alpha on PC, which will run until noon CST on Monday, April…

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  1. What the devs dint understand is that diablo 1 and 2 feel good to play because it feels weighty and stiff and realstic. Diablo 3 and 4 look and play weightless and like a cartoon

  2. This stream was a waste of time. Had to wait for over an hour to see the game and then you couldn’t even play it well. And on top of that you showcased original graphics way too much – the whole point of this remaster was to freshen the visual side of the game. It was boring and I won’t visit your future streams, sorry.

  3. The biggest Problem with gaming Journalism nowadays is that they are not anymore the gaming enthusiasts that they used to be.

    Back in the day it were players who happen to applie to a position..
    Today it is people from university with a bachelor in "media design" or something similar nonsaying..
    Then they want to land in the movie business , cannot get a position there and then think when unemployment authorities point out the gaming sector :,, yeah gaming why not – I played Mario Brothers when I was young…
    This stream made my blood boil.
    The level of incompetence on display here is unbearable..
    This game was disected by the community in it's time. Guides were made that were 100pages long only for a single char build..

    This display of ignorance does the game and much more its community absolutley no favor..
    To go into this with that lvl of knowledge was actually trolly…

    The wuestion would then be: who at blizzard thought that those 2 clowns are fitting to show of the game?

    Off course someone with a bachelor degree in production assistance or some other "media title" who was initially looking for the "big" movie business….
    Iam so fucking tired of this..
    This is not quality!
    Nobody would let someone present the new Mercedes at the Geneva Car exhibition that never drove a car in his life. Nor would you see someone showing of the new iPhone for public audience with no knowledge how to do so..

    But for gaming it is always fine.. we get someone who can barely hack his own name into the keyboard with his fucking wankhands to show of one of the most desperately awaited remasters of all times..

    It's once more a slap in our face. And we need to stop taking those slaps.
    I want journalists to be enthusiasts again .. and not just someone who was there and "ready to take the challenge"

  4. I’m sure there’s people out there that think the Barb is a ripoff of Kratos. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    He got some awesome rare drops right off the bat. Gotta love the RNG.

  5. What resolution was this captured at? The youtube video is 1080p but the gameplay looks blurry.

    Then i see it's in like a sandbox window so seems weird. Not really showing off the game well.

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