Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian Alpha Gameplay Livestream

Tune in as we take the Barbarian for a whirl around Act 1 and Act 2 of the Diablo II Resurrected Technical Alpha.

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  1. Couldn't they just stack the potions in this day and age? Jesus that pot tetris looks tedious af. Love everything else tho

  2. Loving the atmosphere, graphics, artstyle, pacing and music of this game! Literally impossible to find another game exactly like this. Even the other diablo's dont give me the same vibe.

  3. I hope they fix the mouvement speed, I hated it, still look the same. Better be like D1 more time to appreciate what is going on, and less misclick like crazy.. almost motion sickness like, ewww.

  4. Feel sorry for newbs of 3 thinking wow this looks cool; this game is nothing nothing like 3 and u will get your ass destroyed its pure pen paper rules

  5. All good and stuff but at the end, Blizzard will ruin something of this game as they do with Warcraft 3… Im sure for that and you will remember me when that happen

  6. You will need dex as a barb eventually to keep up your hit chance lol.
    probably not until act 2 atleast but still.
    made a barb on d2 lod currently lvl 10 and my hit chance is still 95% but it will go down eventually. still on act 1 tho.

  7. This game did not need a remaster. It needed better servers, better optimization for modern machines and widescreen support without external tinkering. End game is also a bit too punishing towards players who play alone, but it's manageable. Also more end game content would be nice, offline players are pretty much done after killing baal on hell. BN does have some end game events (pandemonium, uber) that require well optimized builds but that's pretty much it.

    Why does blizz feel the need to piss on everything that made it great to begin with?

  8. The playthroughs are not doing justice. I guess it ok for a demonstration but areas are meant to be explored. There is dungeons including 2 in the burial grounds. Mausoleum and the crypt. Ya kill the monsters and can find big chests with loot

  9. Can you just shut up and upload pure gameplay ? It's totally new game, we need to hear sounds how they remade too, not some random guy comment for christ sake

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