COD Warzone Nuke Event: The End of Verdansk

After over a month of waiting, the Warzone’s zombies have finally taken over. Join Richie as he plays through the event to find out the fate of Verdansk.

For more than a month, Zombies have infected Warzone’s Verdansk map. Recent blog posts from Activision indicate that all hope is lost and…

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  1. can confirm that if you have a vaccine microchip connected to your Activision account you are immune to becoming a zombie

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  3. Thanks for watching, everyone! Sorry to say that this was a limited time mode! It lasted 2 hours today and has officially ended. After Verdansk got nuked, the only option is to play rebirth island until we learn more tomorrow.

  4. Imagine playing cod in 2021. I'm 28, I was hyped about this shit when I was 14. Adults move on n give the shitty game to the kids

  5. Yea without verdansk I will not be playing. Why in the hell would they do something so stupid like that. So now we just have a small ass map now know as rebirth. Yeaaah you can take ur invitation I'm not interested no more.

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