Call Of Duty’s New Warzone Map: Everything You Should Know

Call Of Duty Warzone is finally nuking the old Modern Warfare map and replacing it with a 1980s Cold War-themed Verdansk. Here are all the changes coming, including new and redone locations, new weapons, and how the limited-time event will play out with zombies, Plague Zones, and more than one…

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  1. Bruh cold war so ass and now they stoppin doin stuff for modern warfare looks like its time to hang up the cod franchise for the next few years cuz modern warfare multiplayer is literally 100% better than cold war multiplayer

  2. Why is cod SO bent on fucking their playerbase over?
    Zombies just two maps, but outbreak and onslaught, jesus, add after add.
    Then hype 'new' warzone map crazy, bringing a horrible shit version of the only 1+ year map.
    And oh yeah, let's not forget the shit version of alcatraz 😀

  3. It was actually clever how they pulled off this laziness. Instead of making a new map (which would actually take effort) they just went back in time so they wouldn't need to change much. If they put as much effort into making a great game as they do cutting corners, maybe people would respect this franchise.

  4. What about the weapons ? The moderns one ? Now that it's 1984, there's oldest weapons instead but where are the weapons that we used to have before ? (In modern time)

    And what if you bought a skin for a modern weapons but now you can't use it anymore cause now there no modern weapons anymore, only 1984 weapons ? So you pay for a skin / blueprint for nothing ?

  5. Just getting a revamp of the old map is hugely disappointing.
    Clearly giving up on MW so soon is infuriating.
    Activision, call me when you decide to support MW again. Until then, I'm out.
    (Maybe it's about time for Battlefield to come back as the king of modern warfare era shooters.)

  6. so basically its some lazy shit, instead of a brand new map, they made it the same map only back in time, there's no innovation here at all, its just a reskin of the map

  7. They should have made a nuclear hellhole Verdansk, fighting while radiation lurks around the corner.

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  9. So did Warzone lose the rights to modern warfare or? This has me confused… Do we still get to keep all our old guns from modern warfare?

  10. I never played the modern warfare warzone, was it a lot better than the new warzone? The graphics honestly seemed better before…treyarch always makes games with shittier graphics.

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