Apex Legends Legacy – What We Know So Far

Apex Legends Legacy is scheduled to begin May 4, following the conclusion of the game’s War Games event. Legacy will add a new playable character, weapon, and map overhaul to Apex Legends.

In the video above, Jordan Ramée details everything we know about Legacy so far, such as who the new…

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  1. My thoughts on what her ability's are going to be:
    Passive: Hover/Slow Fall
    Tactical: Dash (Like the dash for titans in Titanfall but in any direction including up/down)
    Ultimate: Rocket Salvo (Of course less damage/projectiles than Northstar)

  2. "The legacy our legends inherenting, the ones they left behind"
    Legacy.. left behind.. is this a clue that this is gonna be the last season??
    A legacy that the respawn team leaving behind??

  3. That "new way to play apex legends that isn't battle royale" is the Arena one can view if they have completed the corrupted keypass quest.

    The Arena mode has been datamined for a while.

  4. New game mode is going to be Arena. I think they made it kinda obvious with the new in-game teaser challenge. I could be wrong though.

  5. I think that apex will add a special back story missions like a campaign but for the apex characters story and why they chosen to go to the apex arena.

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