Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 | PS4 Pro Vs PS5 Graphics and Loading Comparison

Check out the differences in visuals and loading times of the PS4 Pro and PlayStation 5 versions of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

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  1. Not sure if this is true, but I notice the R2 button has adaptive triggers now on the Ps5 version. From switching to regular and goofy. Can anyone confirm this playing the ps4 version on Ps5?

  2. I just bought the PS4 version not knowing there was a ps5 version, idk if im going to fork 10 more dollars for the upgrade, I have a ps5 so the loading should be fast regardless of version right?

  3. "Sharper shadows" honestly maybe TOO sharp in some places, sometimes lower quality shadows actually end up looking more like they do irl lol

  4. PS4 pro is twice as powerful as the original PS4 and when you play games on a 4K HDR TV it’s harder to notice the difference between PS4 pro and ps5. The biggest difference is definitely loading times.

  5. The game needs permanent internet or an update. It needs internet because the American version says it requires downloading the content, and the Arabic version says it requires an internet connection. I asked the store employee, he said to me, you need a permanent connection.

  6. It would have been interesting to compare to a third option: playing the PS4 version on a PS5. The graphics will probably look like they do on the PS4 but the loading times are definitely faster than on PS4.

  7. For the basic PS4 I bought back in 2014, I can just say, that you have a turbine next to you while playing, or in Pause menu, or somewhere else….
    I never heard my PS4 being that loud xD

    Maybe it comes, because I play the Game from Disc, and it is the Discdrive that is so loud, but it is the only Game where it is this loud xD

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