Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Trilogy Announcement Trailer | Square Enix Presents 2021

Lara Croft is turning 25 this year, and to celebrate, Square Enix revealed a slew of updates to the Tomb Raider franchise. Get all the details on the movie, a trilogy compilation of the last three titles, and a… cookbook?

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  1. This is how to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider? This is an absolute joke and embarrassment. Fortnite is the start, a cookbook, come on. The trilogy from the reboot of the Yamatai, Rise, and Shadow games. This is worst joke of all. We all have the games FFS. Such an embarrassing moment. Hope this makes the list in a Watch Mojo video episode.

  2. i mean yes, the cookbook is a cool idea but it’s not what we want. we want more games, and it’s clear they can make many more games to come with the technology we have now. why not make another game? it’s what we want!

  3. Bring back the days of small and depressing offices with computers the size of cars run by 3 or 4 people churning out great games

  4. MEH, l want Tomb Rider 1,2,3 and Revolution remakes/remasters, l dont want no crap cookbook. remasters and remakes are the BIG THING now. l got ALMOST everything l wanted. l wanted the Original Crash Trilogy remade and got it. l wanted the Original Spyro Trilogy remade and got it. l wanted the Original Resident Evil Trilogy remade and got it. the only other ones l really wanted was GTAlll, Vice city and San andreas remade and Tomb Raider 1,2,3 and 4 remade.

    All l want thats left is GTA and Tomb Raider. Seriously a cookbook for 25th Anniversary LOL keep it

  5. wait so is there new content added
    cuz if there is i own all 3 games(2 of which r the definitive editions) which that would mean.. shit

  6. I saw another video about ”Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary game coming soon”, and I really hoped it would be a remaster of the three first PS1 games, but if it is NOT that, I will become this disappointed ????.

    Have you heard about Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy? They should definitely remaster the three first PS1 Tomb Raider games in the same way, and if that Tomb Raider remastered classic trilogy gets good enough sales, they can remaster Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider: Chronicles afterwards.

  7. God … I hope that at least a little bit of the old strong Lara will come back. This new sweet doll that experiences so much … like a little baby. I cannot accept this. Old Lara was in for adventures, to discover, she had a good English accent, a nice eyebrow, a good humor. And here in Tomb Raider 2013? OK, I can understand that, early young Lara … but why is it still the same for Rise and Shadow? I don't feel like it. Feel the smashing of many opponents. I feel more like Tomb Raider in Uncharted … LOL

  8. How about the ps1 classics coming in one disc? These were the best tomb raider games and and all 5 on ps5 and xbox series x! Who could ever forget fighting the t-rex in the first game.
    Never forget the original 5!

  9. Tomb Raider games today are decent games, don't get me wrong. But they are no where near what Tomb Raider was for PS1. The game is called "tomb raider" and in 2016 reboot, tombs was optional . Imagine that, have a game about raiding tombs called Tomb Raider, but you can go through the whole game without ever visiting a tomb. Tombs remained optional in the 2 following games. TBH I enjoyed the last 3 Tomb Raider games, but they have no edge, nothing really special. Just good decent games

  10. just please whatever you're planning on doing just let Rihanna Pratchett write the script she did an amazing job with TB 2013 and ROTTR . They ruined the legacy of Lara in SOTTR since it was written by a different person it all makes sense now !!

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