The Evolution of Unreal Engine (1996-2021)

From Unreal Tournament, BioShock, Batman, Arkham, Final Fantasy VII Remake, to, of course, Fortnite, the Unreal Engine is the backbone of many of our favorite games. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how far the game development technology has come.  Get a glimpse of how the Unreal…

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  1. What the hell is with the quality of those first few videos? It's like 180p videos recorded off screen using a camera phone from 2004. I mean I'm not expecting 4k for games from back then, but 480p was pretty common.

  2. What the hell? This is such an incredibly lazy video. I was expecting a quick look at the games over the years that have used Unreal engine instead they just reproduce engine demo videos – some at terrible quality. Incredibly misleading to put Deus Ex imagery in the thumbnail without including anything related to the game.

  3. The tech demo for real engine 3 still looks better then most games and models wtf why? I am guessing maybe the engine has nothing to do with graphics or they are lying or something because the tech demo from 2013 looks far and away better then any game out in 2021. So i guess I got excited for that new tech demo for nothing sure it looks amazing and real but so did the one in 2013 and games never looked like that so they will never look anything like 2020 tech demo.

  4. Hate Epic Games all you want. But their unreal engine is the most important software for gaming. Most devs start their learning process of making game using unreal. Whether the final game uses this engine or not, its impact is felt everywhere

  5. When the ps4 exclusives surpassed that unreal engine 4 ps4 demo. Imagine what the ps5 exclusives can achieve in the future after the unreal engine 5 demo

  6. We have reached "MAX Uncanny Valley". I remember how convincing Claire was in Resident Evil Code Veronica, because of spectacular eye-animations, and subtle animations (for the Dreamcast), and to be honest, the current 'tip of the spear' feels like the unlucky side-effects group who took the Corona Virus vaccine and wound up with Bell's Palsy.

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  8. 1:27 That "dragon" looks like a beast that for some reason did"nt make it into "Gears Of War" but it would have been awesome,better than those "Reavers" that fly despite just having a few spindly tentacles. Another issue is when they show tech demos they never tell you what kind of hardware its running on because your high end Pc,Ps5 or Xbox can"t handle it

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