The Best Super Mario Trailers (1985-2021)

In celebration of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary this year, we take a look at the best trailers and commercials from the Super Mario games.

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  1. Does anybody remember during the Super Mario 64 Era with Got Milk where the kids couldn't get past this part but when they left, Mario all Toy Story style becomes self aware, jumps out of the screen, gulps a gallon of milk, growing as he drinks, jumps back into the game and basically scales the level with his size?

    Damned fond memories. Happy MAR10 fam.

  2. Mario been putting his life on the line trying to rescue Princess Peace for over 30+ years and yet Mario & Peace never thought to file a police report against Bowser

  3. You can tell the era when commercials stopped happening and it became trailers pretty easily. Shame, there's something charming about those old, corny commercials that you don't see anymore

  4. Honestly, the addition of more stuff in Mario Maker 2 kind of ruined it for me. It was a lot of fun to make solutions for stuff that wasn't in the game. Hell, I had fun trying to incorporate those ideas into actual levels. I will never forget that time I made a power-up selection machine on Mario Maker on 3DS.

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