TEKKEN 7 – Lidia Sobieska Launch Trailer

After the Tekken​ Force arrived into parts of Poland, the Polish citizens cried out for a stronger leader and Lidia answered that call! Get a glimpse of what Lidia Sobieska can do in ther launch trailer in Tekken 7.

Lidia Sobieska, joins the TEKKEN 7 ranks on March 23rd!

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  1. Did we need a female equivalent of Jin? It was like I was looking at Tekken 4's enbu. Heihachi's gone and more female characters get added, is this gonna end up another DOA? Just bring Kyriu into the fray that so many people asked for.
    Also, I get how she can beat humans but Bryan?

  2. Of all the characters to choose from, this ? a disappointment. I was under the impression that they will bring kazuya kiriyu.

  3. Personagem bem modelado,na minha opinião, mas dlcs de Tekken 7 esta acabando com os antigos personagens da saga, nem sei pra que colocam eles aparecendo juntos em trailers.
    Ainda não vi o dano desta personagem, mas só de ver as punições dela, da pra perceber que são personagens apelativos com o simples propósito de lucrar invalidando os clássicos.
    "Para que aprender aqueles muitos combos do mano a mano, sendo que os combos no ar tem muito mais dano?" infelizmente a realidade que esta acabando com o estilo do jogo.

  4. Tekken 7 added characters
    Guest Characters:
    Tekken Characters:
    Ancient Ogre
    True Ogre
    Raven (Male)

  5. Very disappointing. Nothing much improved over 30 years. It still looks plasticky. The move does not convey how the center of the mass/weight shift produces the impact. The arms and legs seem almost independent from the body.

  6. Wow 😀 Polish girl 🙂 And Surname Sobieska 🙂 I love her 🙂 Yep i'm Polish guy and Namco, thx 🙂 Szykuje się niezły wpierdol 😉 My fav is Christie Monteiro, but now is Polish strong 🙂 Sobieski is our hero, but Lidia Sobieska spuści wam tęgie lanie 😉 Yep I know, my english is worst 😉 Ale wali mnie to 😉

  7. 1:07 man… she has such a beautiful side face/profile… I wonder if there are in the real world, girls with such a face (nose, much, eyes, cheeck)

  8. I Can't learn English. But

    Someone persuade or bribe Namco, PlayStation, and the Game Rating Board to make PS4/PC Steam Tekken Tag 2 Remake? + Online Playable, Leo, Zafina and Lidia Bikini

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