Next Mass Effect: What We Want To See

With the next Mass Effect in production, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition just around the corner, Lucy discusses what the next entry in the franchise can take from the trilogy, as well as the oft-maligned Andromeda.

There’s a lot of buzz around Mass Effect at the moment. Maybe it’s because…

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  1. Ohhhhh god I hates the mass effect andromeda response system I feel like I have no control in the conversation

  2. Classes should be fluid, like being able to put points into tech/combat/biotics and getting access to abilities based on your build, the original classes could return by giving access to mechanics or strategies that wouldn't be available otherwise, like dedicated engineers being able to hack things that an infiltrator simply wouldn't be able to, no matter how much they spec'd into tech. Character background ideally would be more fleshed out with more player input as well.

  3. Ima be honest I genuinely couldn’t give 2 shits about gameplay. Both 3 and Andromeda had satisfactory combat mechanics however they were never the reason I even played the game in the first place let alone replayed it. I came back for the story. Aslong as it’s interactive, interesting and delves into Story’s with details you feel you have to go on YouTube to watch a 20 minute video to learn more about what just happened then I’ll be more than happy. Mass Effect is an RPG. Make me a part of an amazing universe with loads of repayable factors has to be the main priority

  4. I had my own theory that maybe the Andromeda initiative was not funded by the illusive man but by the citadel counsel which would explain why they kept trying to denounce the reapers all through out Mass Effect 2 because since shepard was at that time working with Cerberus and also to keep people from going into massive panic mode also to avoid letting it get out that they were that concerned about the Reapers so that everyone in the milky way galaxy didn't decide to up and leave all togeth which would then have made it illogical to have a third game

  5. I like my games to be open world because they give me a chance to do what every RPG loyalist wants to do explore and through the open world settings create a story in your head that is unique to you using your imagination and free thinking is what makes RPGs fun the trilogy I hate to admit was little too linear even Mass Effect 1 was far less open then I really would like and games like that many times become more been there done that for me. Mass Effect Andromeda allowed me to freely explore and take on different quests at different times and in my own way tell the story in my own way and in my own mind as I wanted the story told. T

  6. I agree with you there however I liked the way Andromeda handled it but they I feel could have at least kept the paragon and Renegade options but rather than make it part of whether or not you were choosing to play renegade or paragon have them be both open to you so that based on what you felt a specific situation needed you could choose either one or just stick to the other options

  7. When I think mass effect, I think Shepard and crew, if anything I would want a Lazarus 2.0 or a prologue where the crew finds Shepard on the cusp of death and they bring him back (like a year or 2 later) when Shepard regains consciousness and learns about the end of the war and consequences of all major choices like the genophage results and even tie into the Andromeda and new discoveries. And most of all do a dark energy plot which was hinted in ME2 that concept would be intriguing.

  8. I think it might be cool with the legendary edition allowing for what ending you chose to carry over. A dead reaper could still die in the control and synthesis. It might be cool for a control ending to see liara looking at just see some random reaper and realize that Shepard’s probably in there somewhere.

  9. I agree, I dont know how Shepherd would fit into this new era, and we dont even know how far into the future after the events of the Reapers the story will be anyways. As much as I as was attached to my character on ME and hate to not be able to use him again, it makes more sense to do a whole different character…. and yes, being able to choose your race would be awesome. Im also a huge Elder Scrolls fan, so bringing that option onto ME would be cool. Though Elder Scrolls main characters never have a voice actor, this would mean Bioware would have to use different actors to voice all these different races you choose. So idk if they would take it there.

  10. I would love to see the combat system of Andromeda, because imo it was simply fantastic, but like you said I do like to get more companion control again. I actually liked having that pause option just to get a breather somtimes on insanity 😉

    That combined with the comradery, the passion, the powerful voices, the trilogy humor :). I would love to meet new aliens like you said, would love to see new planets, new amazing "roles" like the shadow broker, etc. I am just wondering what type of villan could stand toe-to-toe with something like the Reapers and the Illusive man.

  11. I'd be fine if they ignored the stuff from Andromeda completely and focused on the aftermath of the Reapers. Destroy seems like the only ending that would work as canon and could lead to Shepard having lived. I don't think he would be the main character but I wouldn't mind if he was. It would be nice to have the option of playing different races, I'd love to play a Krogan!

  12. So we know Shepard survives in the best Destroy ending, which is probably canon at this point given the fact that there's a dead reaper and everybody isn't half synthetic. But does anybody remember the post credits sequence with Buzz Aldrin and the kid?

    "Can you tell me one more story about The Shepherd?" "Okay, just one more."

    I'm hopeful.

  13. I don’t know if an open wolrd mass effect would be a good idea… I don’t believe BioWare since me3. I bet it will end up like Anthem. I just want an excellent story game and good RPG/ gameplay mechanics. If they delivery that, it would be more than I believe they can do right now.

  14. As Far as The Milky Way Galaxy, I truly believe that they shouldn't tell anything that happened there. I think the player's choice should be Canon. It makes the Game better that way in saying that the player's choice actually had meaning in the original trilogy. It's time to move forward into Andromeda, I know alot of people didn't like the scanning aspect and limited aliens in Andromeda however in a new galaxy starting from scratch I think everything should start off slow. It's like reading a book this is an information dump, so people can get familiar with the Galaxy and everything in it. I'm looking forward to the next installment because I believe this is where it will really start getting to the meat of the story.

  15. Hey Lady, I turned you off right after you said you don't want Shepard to be in the new game because I couldn't give a rats ass about anything else you had to say after that.

  16. I would absolutely love to see a Dragon Age style of character customization in the upcoming Mass Effect, where you can choose your race and origin and really have the world you're playing in respond to that. Playing a Human from the Alliance is all well and good, but what about a Krogan Battlemaster, maybe a Turian merc and having the world respond to such is fun.

    Unlike in something like Skyrim where you'll be told at the gates of Windhelm that Argonians aren't allowed into the city, buuut it doesn't apply to you. Orrr in the same city, you get stopped and asked if you have Dark Elves WHILE YOU ARE A DARK ELF.

  17. You can compromise. Instead of playing as Shepard, you can import your save and play as an offspring of Shepard and their LI. This allows options to play as an Asari, Turian, Quarian etc, some of which may not be lore viable but that can be fixed with good sci-fi writing.

    This is a great compromise. You get a new protagonist while still pleasing the nostalgia fan base. You only have to have basic codex and dialogue acknowledging the old Shepard’s personality based on the save import. This also gives reward for past decisions and provides incentive to go back and make different choices.

    If you didn’t have a LI or don’t have a save to import, you can play as a fresh, unrelated Protagonist and pick your own race.

  18. I liked the paragon/renegade system from the previous games but, yes, some choices were very black and white. Therefore, I do like what they did in Andromeda. So I propose a middle ground. What if they did paragon/renegade choices with some wiggle room that allows for the gray area we want at times that tallies the score together into simply how people react to you as you play the game. This is more akin to how Fable: The lost chapters does it. It doesn't change the game a whole lot or the choices you can make, instead, it changes how the people around you either cheer you on or flee from you in fear. I find that to be a nice touch. Even though the game world doesn't necessarily change, how the people in it react to you makes your presence in the game feel different.

    Also, I don't mind having some control over my companions, but I don't want the game to rely on me controlling them as Dragon Age does. That's really the whole reason why I couldn't get into Dragon Age. I want to roleplay my character, not five characters.

  19. I really don't feel like Mass Effect needs an open world. I think the original trilogy had the right idea with big areas that you could explore freely. Every RPG that comes out now thinks it has to be an open world game, but making worlds that large just make it feel empty or makes the devs add filler quests and areas that don't do anything for the story. I also agree with Shepard not coming back. Imo their arc is over, and they really deserve to rest. Their time of saving the Milky Way is over. We don't know how far in the future this is from ME3, but from vibe alone (don't have any evidence just a feeling) it feels like it has been a long time. I think as long as this is in the Milky Way you can have callbacks to all the major characters (some even might show up) and that will make it feel connected enough. My concern as of right now is what the main plot is going to be. I am excited for the new Mass Effect (and DA4), but I am also nervous. Idk how much faith I have left in Bioware when it comes to making a great story recently, and I really hope this game doesn't mess with the legacy of the original trilogy.

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