It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is probably going to nuke the Warzone map and put a final end to the era of Modern Warfare while forcing some players to choose which game to fit on their hard drive.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 had a massive impact on the Call Of Duty formula by…

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  1. Lost Damascus in mw somehow. So I went to cold war just to go back and start to grind Damascus once again bc mw is better than cw. Mw is just more fun.

  2. Its so stupid how cod mw season 3 battle pass is meant for cold war, its like buying a burger from a taco place, like wtf.

  3. Modern Warfare feels like an immersive action thriller movie. While COLD WAR just feels like a comic book series for middle schoolers. Maybe it's easier to target their taste than to please adults.
    I regretted purchasing the latter. It just sits there collecting digital dust

  4. Stop reflecting and scape goating your disgust with the actual entire franchise with cold war. CoD needs to be layed to rest with the lack of innovation for years since mw2 and blops1. It's all regurgitated and bandwagoned crap that is an actual disease on the fps community.

  5. I don't really like Cold War, I want to go back to Modern Warfare – like, so bad, that I would buy "Modern Warfare II" just to get away from Cold War.

  6. I got the ps5 and bougth cold war within a month i was bored of it i dont even play it anymore so i bougth modern warfare wich i like more, i like the modern weapon's not them old 80's gun's

  7. Lol after this video still most people like and play modern more its amazing the snipers and everything in cold war the snipers are so nerfed and shit

  8. Is it worth buying this game now? It’s on sale and I’m wondering if I should buy it. Do people still play it and will they continue hosting it?

  9. i was so frustated by COD MW right now.
    The Multiplayer, the mode, the cheater, stupid policy (Deleting Loadout mid game) , and fcking infinite Ads on Black ops, and basically ditch the other COD MW.
    what tick me today is how stupid their policy is.
    in payload warzone, if you have sniper loadout, it only start you with the initial ammo in the chamber (often time 5 ammo) without any ammo to reload.
    So basically after 5 shot, you just running blank, and ammo is so fucking hard to get.

    and how, … how exactly you leveled up the fucking sniper with that stupid initial ammo.

    seriously i agree with this vid.
    the developer is the biggest ASS in this game.
    it was wonderful.

    But i think for my sanity sake, switching to BF2042 is better option.

  10. The Call of Duty series makes no sense. How do you have three completely different dev teams working in a three-year cycle, but still only keep one game alive at a time?
    If Activision were smart, they'd just make it so they each made different kinds of CoD games to appeal to everyone's taste and keep them alive until THAT studio's specific next game. Infinity Ward is great when making modern-ish games, Treyarch is good at making past-war games, and SHG's Advanced Warfare wasn't too bad, easily the best future game and they should continue with that. This way, they have the three main types of CoD games and there's one for everyone to play, and people don't have to worry about how if they buy any MTX, it's completely useless in literally under a year, so people would be more willing to buy them, so they'd even get more sales from them.

  11. “It has all the multiplayer maps” dude is such a casual uninformed person it’s sad. No those are some ground war maps.

  12. I won’t be buying another COD title every rime I log onto modern warfare there’s a new error code. They must think we’re too stupid to realise that they create these errors to get us to buy the new title. It’s literally happened on every single cod title ever to be released, the minute the new title comes out the existing title suddenly starts developing bugs.

  13. I would like 1vs1 to be a permanent game mode option from the games release. I hate solo playing multiplayer and waiting for the devs to add 1v1 only to take it away soon after.

  14. You can totally tell they picked through the comments so hard to find the most non anti cold war comments. All these comments talk about MW doo doo and Cold War and warzone are the most life changing things to ever be released

  15. i mean if these days, if you are playing modern warfare, youd just be an operator in a chair in a room, watching a drone fly overhead and the ai on board engaging "enemy combatants" outside some grade-scool or wedding. you can pretty much only move backwards in story telling to make engaging games.

  16. black ops cant compare to modern warfare. every modern warfare is literally better than every black ops. just sayin. modern warfare isnt going anywhere.

  17. I never finished the Cold war campaign, did they add more story to it because when I'm downloading it it says campaign one campaign 2 campaign 3 . Somehow call of duty deleted itself from my PlayStation

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