History of the Protheans – Mass Effect Lore

In preparation for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Tamoor breaks down one of the most mysterious alien species in the Universe.

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  1. In ME 1 and 2 I had such a different perception on my mind of what the protheans would be, culture-wise. They ended up being total jerks. Well done Bioware.

  2. The statues we meet on Ilos in ME1 were originally supposed to be the Protheans, but had to retract the lore when they made the Collectors

  3. I never like the whole "this is why they lost" every species in countless cycles lose because the citadel period. No structure no way of mixing up strategies nothing would of helped protheans win after reapers came through the Citadel unannounced.

  4. Inusannon pronunciation was horrible Javik literally says it “In-you-San-nan” and you said “inn ooo-san-an”

    Not trying to be that guy but it sounds like somebody trying to read it and say it without having played the games to know how it’s properly pronounced 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Crazy to think the Protheans were just another in a long line of advanced species harvested by the Reapers

  6. "Reaper, a label created by the Protheans to give voice to their destruction. In the end what they chose to call us is irrelevant, we simply are."


  7. I wonder if they'll be a decision to explore a Mass Effect spin-off during the Prothean cycle, fleshing out the possibilities we've learnt so far to be fleshed out and give us further insight to the races of that cycle? Or if they leave it as it is; thinking that would defeat the purpose of the cycle of extinction leaving so little evidence behind that it'd weaken the mysteries of the galaxy? Either way, the Prothean empire sounds interesting in how it evolved and died.

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