Firearms Expert Reacts To Battlefield 5’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Battlefield 5, including the FP-45 Liberator pistol, the Boys AT Rifle, and the M3 Carbine complete with Infrared Sniper Scope.

Battlefield V sees EA’s shooter franchise…

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  1. It really bothers me most that the scope on the garand seems to come directly up to your eye like a hunting scope, when in reality it's pretty far from the face and the sight picture would be nothing like that

  2. The speeds, altitudes and rigidity of aircraft in all BF games are nerfed to the utmost in order to make them balanced and able for any ground unit to combat and potentially eliminate. Knowing how these machines operated and the vast scale of actual flight operations , it makes it impossible for me to enjoy any piloting in game, for it is way to unrealistic.
    That is the reason the tubular AA launcher is so successful in game but in reality was a failure.

    The only BF that gets marginally close to the actual characteristics of the aircraft of its respective time period, is BF1. Since the aircraft in their infancy were fragile, slow and capable of being downed by small arms fire.
    Everything BF1 did was 100 times better / more realistic than the excrement dice shat out afterwards BFVoke and 2042.

  3. Those japanese clip-fed LMGs had quite high chance of cutting shooters fingers off while reloading. USSR tried that system after fights with japanese forces in Mongolia, adapted it to our DP-27s. If you accidentally activate the spring that feeds clip into the gun you have a very high chance of loosing fingers. So the concept was dropped right away.

  4. Idk why hearing someone say “ to bayonet a tank” sounds so funny to me. Every time I think about it I get both amused and confused at the same time.

  5. 9:18 I know I'm very, very late to this, but there was an Italian system that uses a similar hopper mechanism, the Perino Model 1908. Coincidentally it was also featured in Battlefield 1, though it uses larger metal clips than the 5 round Arisaka clips of the Type 11

  6. 7:51 Yea you just need to shove your finger in the trigger hole but I dont guarantee it will work and can cause some decapitation if you touched something wrong.

    From, Totally a gun expert

  7. I like that not only is this guy obviously an expert on firearms…. But it seems as though he has played most of these games.

  8. The main weapon of Battlefield V is the spit in the core fans' faces and the spit on graves of guys who gave their lives to protect our civilization.

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